AtoZChallenge Cemetery & Collis – Cousins or not?

C is for Cemetery or Collis or Cousins

AtoZchallenge cemetery

AtoZChallenge Cemetery or Collis

I’m not sure if these are cousins or not. My 3x great grandmother was a Collis. Born in Sudbury, Suffolk, England around 1796. Ann Collis married George Dawson about 1815. So I saw these and snapped a photo – “like you do” when wandering around cemeteries.

Many generations of my family have Collis as a second first name. 

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key word letter c AtoZChallenge Cemetery or Collis or CousinThe 2017 A to Z Blogging Challenge is based on my genealogy posts for #GenealogyPhotoADay (some days, not everyday) on Instagram. I will be using past daily prompts starting with the appropriate letter. Here’s the collection of 2017 A to Z posts that have been posted so far.

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8 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge Cemetery & Collis – Cousins or not?”

  1. These are fairly new stones. Have any Collis cousins reached out to you after seeing this name on your blog? That might help solve the mystery of whether you’re related to these particular individuals.

    1. My Ann Collis is the end of one of my research lines. I need to put some effort in finding cousins. Here’s hoping one might read my blog or check out Ancestry.

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