AtoZChallenge Kitto – All Dressed up for a Wedding

With a surname like Kitto, how can I not repeat it again for this years blogging A to Z held each April – AtoZChallenge Kitto.

AtoZchallenge Kitto - Ernest Eric Scott Kitto in the middleAtoZChallenge Kitto – All Dressed up for a Wedding

I shared a picture of my Mum and Dad on their wedding day for the #GenealogyPhotoADay prompt “Father”.

This is my father and mother with his then new mother-in-law, Grace Dawson, nee Shepherd. I wonder if he thought about what it might be like to be a father. It did happen, just over a year later on from his wedding. I appeared.

My father is all dressed up in a suit. His father, my grandfather, was a tailor however he had died back in 1953 so may not had made the suit unless Dad dusted it off from the wardrobe.

I think I remember the dress my mother wore on her wedding day. It hung in her wardrobe. Memories fade. It was a beautiful fabric with a tone on tone shine. The colour was perhaps pink or peach. I think it was below the knee but not full length.

Nana would have gone to town to look her best and always finished off events like weddings with a corsage. It was probably made by her and grown in her garden. She was extremely proud of both her vegetable and flower garden. I wrote about Nana and winning a floral art show in a birthday memorial post.

Some vital record facts

My father, Ernest Eric Scott Kitto was born 27 June 1917, married 6 December 1954 and died 29 May 2000. My mother, Rowena Mabel Dawson on 1 June 1921 and died 12 November 1975. Nana, my maternal grandmother, was born London on 6 January 1896 and died the 14 May 1992. Hope I got some of her “live long” genes.

I previously shared this photo with another family story – How did Mum & Dad Meet?

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With so many vital records in this post I better index it in the section of my blog called “My Family History Year ”. It is all about events in my ancestors lives on a particular date. The topic will bring to light my family history a day at a time.

AtoZchallenge Kitto - all dressed up for a wedding

15 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge Kitto – All Dressed up for a Wedding”

  1. Great wedding photo. I am amazed that she kept her dress and you remember it. My mother said she wore a light blue suit, but I never saw it.

    1. Gail, you are so right about there being so many stories for each picture. I often struggle with my limited family photos however with your thoughts I know I can share many stories for the same image. Thanks.

  2. That’s a great photo. I’ve also tried to do #Genealogyphotoaday, but that’s a lot to keep up with. I try to keep my Instagram to more recent family photos to share with my younger cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. They enjoy those more than any really old photos.

    1. I struggle with doing regular Instagram posts too. I think that the old photo ones are more for family historians who like reading the background story too. I have a wide and audience so some I’ll not like all my posts.

  3. Interesting that your mum didn’t marry in white, I wonder how long that tradition is. I like this pic of the 3 of them, it shows that a wedding links more than just 2 people, it links their families, too.

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