#AtoZChallenge L for Landscape – Near Falmouth in Cornwall.

Current day Landscape near my Great Grandfathers Falmouth Home in Cornwall.

L for Landscape.

This landscape scene is about 200 metres from my great grand fathers home in Falmouth, Cornwall. I wrote about this trip to Falmouth in Cornwall in a post called Visiting Your Ancestral Town.  As I mentioned in the earlier blog post Mr TG has driven me around a number of sites in Cornwall. I wanted to see the places my great grandfather and his family lived before he journeyed to New Zealand in 1875. It is an amazing feeling standing on the ground he and his brothers and sisters walked on so many years ago.  With only a small amount of development since he left it is  possible the views I saw were ones like the ones he saw too.

My great grandfather was Francis Kitto 1853-1934. He appears in the 1871 Census with Tailor as an occupation.

Falmout Census 1871 Extract

Gosh I just thought that means it may have been my great, great grandparents saw this view too. They were Richard Kitto (1882-1886) and Jane Ellery (1882-1901). By the time of the census Richard Kitto’s occupation was a Mine Agent aged 49 as was Jane, his wife. A further person on the census page was Richard John Kitto (1859-1891). He also came to New Zealand and then settled in Australia.

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I welcome comments. Have you visited your ancestors homelands?

8 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge L for Landscape – Near Falmouth in Cornwall.”

  1. A beautiful bucolic view 🙂

    We visited England before I was so interested in family history. I was more interested in gardens and we visited many many stately homes and gardens (free with National Trust membership).

    I remember driving past a road sign that said St Erth and Greg remarked he thought his forebears came from there. They did indeed. Visiting via Google maps it looks very pretty. I would like to go there knowing what I know now. There are a lot of other places too !

    Catching up on my A to Z blog visiting comments.

    1. Totally the same with me. Once I found out more I wish I had gone to other places. And visited cemeteries although my husband climbed through and over grown area in one just down the road from where my GG grandparents lived hunting for Kitto’s just in case someone was there. Also I would have liked to check out churches for records but I did not know how it all worked then.

  2. I haven’t really visited ancestors’ lands and would love to do so. I remember going to Cornwall (to the best of my knowledge none of my ancestors are from there) and liked it very much.

    1. I was lucky that Mr TG let me go to a few when we were on holiday. “What do you want to do today? Shopping? Museum?” Me, “No, just ride up and down Kentish Town Road in a big red bus to see the location of the Great Grandparents business, home and surrounds.”

  3. I am always moved to visit an ancestor’s home area and highly recommend it to anyone engaged in genealogy/family research. You have beautifully captured the feelings evoked by walking where your forebears did — and the photo is amazing.

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