AtoZChallenge Newspapers – Are these people in my family tree?

Sometimes I joke that some of my Kitto family had a permanent desk at the local newspaper because they appear so frequently in print. Alongside the expected birth, death and marriage notices, they regularly ran advertisement and handed in reports on sporting events. When the paper’s photographer is out and about they get photographed next to leading politicians. Some manage to pop up passing exams or arriving back from WW2 and many more.

Today I post about two that I previously shared on #GenealogyPhotoaday, on Instagram. Plus some thoughts on researching your family history via Newspapers.

AtoZChallenge Newspapers Carnival

AtoZChallenge Newspapers

Day 22 Advertisement.
I found this one for a Grand Xmas And New Years Carnival organized by an A Kitto.¹ It might be my grandfather. I don’t know of any other A Kitto’s around at the time but I still need to verify it fully. He was on a lot of committees over his adult life so it’s highly possible. To help confirm it might not be another A Kitto I rechecked the Wellington Electoral Rolls for 1941 and 1943 for another A Kitto that I might have missed. I did not find one however they may not have enrolled or even qualified to enrol and vote.

AtoZChallenge Newspapers Birth Announcement

Next is a more common type of advertisement – a birth announcement. This time for my Uncle Frank.
Day 8 Son
The birth announcement for my father’s brother – “a son”.
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AtoZChallenge Newspapers Birth Announcement 1915

To confirm which child this birth in announcing you need to refer previous sources such as a birth certificate for a child with Mr & Mrs AC Kitto as parents.² Also, the Matai Road address in Hataitai helps to strengthen this being Francis Charles Scott Kitto’s birth announcement.

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Sourcing Help at Paperspast

A useful tool on the PapersPast site is a link to the articles “info”. This is useful for creating a source and linking back to the digital version online. Good for doing quick sources for a blog and especially when you have to follow up with supporting sources as in the case of these two clippings.


        Evening Post, Evening Post, Volume CXXXVIII, Issue 152, 26 December 1944
        Evening Post, Evening Post, Volume XC, Issue 86, 9 October 1915

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AtoZChallenge-Newspapers - Are these people in my family tree?


9 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge Newspapers – Are these people in my family tree?”

  1. You’re fortunate that your ancestors often found themselves in the papers. Other than announcements we haven’t featured often at all. Great Papers Past tip

    1. Having a not so common surname helps too. Still I am fortunate that they were heavily involved in community events like sports and shared so much.

  2. I find it extraordinary sometimes the things that get mentioned, for example people were much more sharing with social columnists. Advertisements for missing friends can be excellent too. Some families manage to keep a low profile though.

    1. Being well-connected is easier in smaller towns. I was fortunate about the size of Wellington, in New Zealand, when my grandfather and great grandfather lived.

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