#AtoZChallenge Y for Youngest to Oldest – Dawson Family


Y is for Youngest to Oldest - the Dawsons

Y is for Youngest to Oldest – Dawson Family

The #GenealogyPhoto prompt was Oldest & Youngest however I’m turning it around to Youngest to Oldest with the Dawson family for A to Z Blogging Challenge convenience.

My mothers eldest brother Charles Dawson, standing and her youngest sister, Betty Campbell (Dawson) with Nana Grace Dawson (Shepherd) and Uncle Eddie all sitting. My Nana, Aunts and Uncles lived quite close so when we visited it was not uncommon for one of them to pop in too. Or I would go and play with cousins while Mum chatted with Nana.

If you have read the previous post about Nana and her garden, which she was so proud of, this story will make you smile. Apparently one year she was saying her tomatoes where coming along very nicely.  Uncle Eddie said that his were ready to pick.  She couldn’t believe that his would be better than her tomatoes.  Off she trotted to check out his tomatoes at his house, a few houses along from where she lived. You could have blown her over. Yes Eddie had ripe, red tomatoes. I’m not sure if she saw it then or when she was told but Eddie had attached some shop bought tomatoes to his vines. He was not going to have her beat him producing the first red ripe crop that year!

Dawson Family History Vitals

Grace Shepherd 1896-1992
Charles Henry Dawson 1916-2006
Edward Collis Dawson 1919-2004
Evelyn Beatrice (Betty) Dawson 1923-2005

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6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Y for Youngest to Oldest – Dawson Family”

  1. What a fun family story! I can definitely see my husband doing that, he is very competitive with his gardening. Stories like you are sharing is what makes family history so rewarding. I’m always telling people to get the older people talking and write it all down.

  2. Hilarious story, Fran — your uncle sounds a lot like my Dad’s brothers, all older than him, who were also a bunch of jokesters. This is a wonderful photo. You are so lucky that you lived near family and got to know your cousins as a child. Except for my early years, my family always lived several hours drive from our other relatives

    1. Molly, Each family seems to have a fun one. You have to love them as they gave us the light hearted stories when do much family history can be about hardships and loss. Fran

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