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I’m on my way to the  AFFHO Congress 2015 – Australia’s premier genealogy & family history conference so was checking out Pinterest while waiting in the Virgin Lounge. (Don’t men talk very loud on the phone.) Having booked recently for the Problogger conference that will be held on the Gold Coast in August I was attracted to blogger pins.

What to take to a blogger conference was written a few years ago by Chelsea before she set of to a blogger conference at Salt Lake City.  Her post is still up to date. The one thing she includes that many lists do not cover is Smartphone Backup Battery. They are small and easily fit into a hand bag.

Must haves in a Family History Conference Pack

Battery Charger & USB

I forgot both of my own “must haves” for for RootsTech and was so annoyed. When you are Tweeting away or trying to take a photo of someone you might not see again until the next big conference, the last thing you want is your phone battery to die.

The second thing family history bloggers need is a USB memory stick. People going to other conferences just don’t go to the local library and get excited over old documents and are desperate to save copies.  I carry mine in a small bag as it is easier to find in the bottom of your hand bag. Having carried 3 around for years I am totally unsure why I took it out before leaving for Rootstech.

So at Rootstech I could not save finds at the Family History Library as I forgot to take one. This is how they became my must have items for a family history conference and part of the conference packing list.

What are your family history must have items?

5 thoughts on “Family History Conference Packing List”

  1. I was annoyed that my camera played up at Congress – really should have taken the small point & shoot instead of the SLR 🙁 That’s my take-home message to myself.

    If I hadn’t been so busy with talks and socialising I’d have gone and got a cheap small camera. Silly thing is with small phones a new battery costs almost as much as the new phone.

    BTW the most annoying person re the lounge was a woman in teetery-tottery high heels talking full stop while walking into our table space rather than sitting or standing where her own stuff was. It’s amazing I managed to bite my tongue but it was close 😉

    1. Pauleen, Not sure what happened to your camera however I prefer the photos from a working SLR or even my “nearly and SLR” PEN from Olympus over my iPhone photos. Annoying when the camera does not delivery. Mind you I did a whole day on a funny setting once years ago and everyone was odd colours.

  2. Fran I took a very small USB stick with me to Rootstech. So small I thought I might lose it.
    I managed without a charger because I had my camera. However I bought a charger on my way home as I struggled with sufficient power when the internet was poor.

    1. Hi Hilary, I had a very small one about the size of half a thumbnail on a hand but I could not pull it out as most of it was actually inside the computer so gave it to hubby as he was the one that thought it was a good idea to buy. I could understand how small ones might get lost. Needed my charger today as my phone battery is hopeless. Might need a new phone. What a pain!

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