#AtoZChallenge S is for the Dawson Siblings

Four of the six Dawson Siblings

S is for Siblings.

My mother with her three older siblings in about 1922. The elder three siblings were born in UK however my mother was born in New Zealand because the family had migrated from England. Consequently I did not qualify for a British passport like my cousins with British born parents.

Wearing the tie and all dressed up is Charles.  Joan has the ribbon piece in her hair. I love a Uncle Eddies thick blonde hair. It’s disappointing that my mother has her eyes closed.

Family History Details for the Dawson Siblings

In the image above:

Charles Henry Dawson b.1916 d.2006
Joan Francis Dawson b.1917 d.1980
Edward Collis Dawson b.1919 d.2004
Rowena Mabel Dawson b.1921 d.1975

Not in the image above:

Evelyn Beatrice Dawson b.1923 d.2005
Thomas Dawson b.1924 d.1924

Their parents:

Charles Collis Dawson b.1885 d.1952
Grace Shepherd b.1896 d.1992

They married Chelmsford, Essex, England on 1 July 1916.

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    1. Shirley, I’m not sure of your circumstances however I do know that some many people have had some success even when they never thought they never would. DNA is the big thing currently.

    1. When I started I had hardly anything. Now I have found lots online and in archives. I never expected to find so much so you never know. It is about learning how to research. There is a chance as more material become available and with DNA research.

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