Adding to family heirlooms or window shopping antiques

Infrequently I find an antiques shop of jewellery, china, silver, post cards, buttons, Wedgwood and many more interesting bits and pieces that you could spend hours browsing. I found one in downtown Auckland, Upstairs Antiques. It is a tremendous collection of pieces if you are a collector or even if you want to buy the odd eclectic piece. This is a place to pop into when visiting down town Auckland. An antique shop to enjoy.

Upstairs Antiques

Upstairs Antiques

Upstairs Antiques

This photo above gives you the impression that there is plenty of space however it is totally packed with antique goodies and pieces to look at and purchase.

Use your family heirlooms? Create your own high tea?

I loved looking around and could not help myself buying a set of two small sterling silver napkins. They were not expensive. I had picked up some small linen napkins so a thinner than usual napkin ring is ideal. I need to get out the couple of Royal Albert cups I purchased a number of years ago and play “ladies” with some Earl Grey tea with lemon. Perhaps create my own high tea.
I have a few family napkin rings so I should polish them up, take some photos and do a napkin family tree.

Upstairs Antiques Details:

34 Queen St in the Queens Arcade
Auckland 1010
New Zealand
Area: Auckland CBD
09 379 0887
Hours: Can vary so phone before.
Visited: November 2012

Do you have any antiques or trinkets from you family? Do you add to them?

5 thoughts on “Adding to family heirlooms or window shopping antiques”

  1. I do have some things passed to me by my mum, and a huge grandfather clock that my Dad left me in his will, I had it shipped over from Scotland!

  2. Hi Travelgenee! It’s yorkesgirl (Ali) from Instagram. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog! I’ve not really been “antiquing” before. I loved your pic of the silver napkin rings…they fondly reminded me of my Great Aunt, who was the only person I remember ever using them 🙂 You should definitely create your own high tea!

    1. Ali, thanks for the visit. My Dad gave me the napkin rings years ago. Your right that they are hardly used today. Mostly I like modern things like Instagram and geek stuff on the computer. It is nice to have a few things that show how times have changed as long as my technology is still to hand. Have a great weekend. Fran

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