#AtoZChallenge R for Ralph a family history pet story.

Family History Pet: Ralph

R is for Ralph.

Family pets fill social media. I am a cat person. We had a cat who lived to an old age. I miss her. I don’t really like dogs! Compared to cats they are a bit on the slow side.

Then our son adopted Ralph. He has visited us a couple of times flying up to Queensland. He won me over and now I love a dog or three.  I call him Ralpheeee. (Hi, Barnie & Penny.)

When the GenealogyPhotoADay prompt was “favourite photo” I pick Ralph to share. Here’s why –  I have so many favourites photos with current family and ancestors so to avoid hurt feelings I’m shared Ralph with one of my favourite pictures of him.

Plus family history pet stories deserve to be shared in social media and blogs too.

A Family History Pet Story

When he visits he pushes the chair across the floor to get it next to me, climbs up and keeps patting me with his paw until I cuddle him. If I stop cuddling he restarts patting. It’s hard to type with one hand while hugging with the other arm. He thinks he see a better option (code for food or pats elsewhere) and jumps down.  I push the chair away and he starts again pushing the chair close.

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family history pet: Ralph

I welcome comments. Tell me about your favourite pet.

12 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge R for Ralph a family history pet story.”

  1. Fran,

    DH had a dog growing up who was named Ralph. Ralph was a mixed breed of Collie, German Shepard, and maybe something else. He was very smart and the whole family loved him. Ralph died many years before I started dating DH but I wished I had because he sounded like a delightful pet. I had a few small dogs when I was a kid. When I was really little, younger than five, we had a dog we called Sugarfoot. He was about the size of a Beagle. We called him Sugarfoot because he liked candy. Yeah, I know that’s the worse thing you can give an animal but in my defense, I didn’t know better. My daddy brought home a female chihuahua once. Someone in the family gave him this dog. That animal wasn’t the best pet and I never warmed up to that animal. After we got married, we got our first pet a cat we named Christopher. We later learned Christopher was really a male cat but by that time she (and us) were used to the name. She was a good kitty but we had to part with her several years later due to allergies. That was a sad day but we were fixing to have our first child and soon had a new baby minus the fur. lol

    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “R” (realist rabbit & rascally roadrunner)

  2. I love dogs but we do not own one. In our village I am known as the man who talks to dogs. Otherwise I have to make do with my daughter’s dogs – but they live in America, 3000+ miles away.
    Ralph is gorgeous and would have figured in my earlier challenge when my theme was dogs.

    R for Ragley Hall http://bit.ly/2oQwMap

    1. Sometimes we have to make do with our children’s pets. Mostly Ralph is miles away. Too far to drive and expensive to fly just to take him for a play.

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