Family Photo – Nana’s Picture

If you talk about “Nana’s picture” to a cousin they will know you mean the one where she is in the costume. It hung in her bedroom above the bed head. As a child I wondered why Nana dressed like royalty.  To a child anyway. Such a heavy looking head dress bejeweled with pearls. Family Photo - Nana's Picture

Family Photo Sources

This image of Nana is from a family photo a cousin let me take with my camera from a small copy. I added a frame. From memory it was dark wood however knowing Nana she probably painted it a few times to change the style. I have taken photos with my camera and even with my iPhone from family photos others in the family have in their collections. Make sure you ask or you will miss out on some great images.

Nana’s maiden name was Grace SHEPHERD (DOB 1896).

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    1. Hi Jenny, Found out from my cousin it was on board the ship she came out to NZ from England at a fancy dress ball. Came with her husband and 3 young children. Fran

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