How to get ready for RootsTech Connect 2021

It’s only 14 days to RootsTech Connect 2021.

As they say on the RootsTech Connect website:

Discover Your Story at RootsTech Connect

Join the world’s largest family celebration for free to unlock your family’s history and learn how to preserve the stories of your life.

So this is going to be the biggest family history event, ever!

Helpful tips to get the best out of RootsTech Connect

To help you get the best out of this virtual conference I am sharing a helpful tip every day leading up to the conference. Bookmark the RootsTechConnect tag page so you can catch up at any time with the tips.

Today’s tip: Register

If you have not already then register right now. This conference is entirely virtual and completely free. If you are interested in family history this is an opportunity to learn, connect with friends, family, your past and your heritage.*

Worried that you will not be able to attend because you are busy in late February. Then it’s not an issue. Sessions will be available to be viewed after the conference is finished for at least a year.

Talking about the date it’s the 25-27 February. That’s the date in the USA where  FamilySearch is organising this conference. Depending on where you are located then you will need to make adjustments to your local time. More about that in another tip over the 14 days to Rootstech Connect.

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  1. I have registered three times but. I don’t get any emails ( just one to confirm my registration) months ago. No notifications the app is 2020 so how do I participate in Australia very confused

    1. Hi Kerrie, There have been very few emails coming out. I got one dated 11 Feb with the title “ONLY TWO WEEKS UNTIL ROOTSTECH CONNECT” if you wish to check your mail box for this one. Also, you needed to have ticked that you are happy to received emails when you registered. Basically much of the session content is one demand so you just watch it as you like on your computer or devise. I will be publishing more each day and a lot more about the website is coming out later this week which should cover how to participate. Fran

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