Online Newspaper Headline on My Father’s Birth Date

On Saturday Night   from the Genea-Musings website set an interesting blogging challenge. The topic was about the Newspaper Headline on Your Father’s Birthday.

My father, with three Christian names, Ernest Eric Scott KITTO was born on 27 June 1917 in the town of Wellington, New Zealand. The local paper is the Evening Post and digital copies are available on the PapersPast website. PapersPast is part of the National Library of New Zealand.

Online Newspaper for 27 June 1917

The challenge for Saturday past asked for the major headline for that day on page one. However the newspaper had not started writing headlines for the first page in 1917.

Online Newspaper- Evening Post, Volume XCIII, Issue 152, 27 June 1917The material covered in the first column started with the Roll of Honour for World War 1. Followed by Births, Deaths, Bereavement Notices and In Memoriam. Most interesting for family history enthusiasts. The subsequent 8 columns were advertising. Most are small “Want” advertisements. Nothing exciting.

Online Newspaper - Evening Post 2Part of this challenge was to blog the headline and share in comments on Randy’s blog or on social media.

Online Newspaper - Evening Post, Roll of Honour, 27 June 1917

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I can comment that to read the paper each day starting with the Roll of Honour for World War 1 deaths must had been difficult. Each day seems to start with this section first. Some days, like 27 June 1917, have different soldiers listed. Other days have notices for the same person from a variety of family members and friends.

Online Newspaper Headline on My Father’s Birth Date is part of  My family History for the date 27 June 1917.

What was the headline on your fathers birth date?


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