Preparation for RootsTech for a First Timer

My preparation for the RootsTech for a first timer is nothing like it should have been.  At this stage it is totally inadequate compared to all the experienced attendees that have been blogging about how to get ready.

Being an Aussie and seeing it’s Australia Day I do know “She’ll be alright, Mate!” It is just the Australian way to just throw yourself “in at the deep end“, does it matter if your preparation is “a bit rough round the edges”? So I may be as “mad as a gum tree full of galas” not doing this prep. So it’s “Gidday digger“, “I’m off – like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun” to finish packing.

Tomorrow I am flying off to the USA to first visit with a cousin and then fly up to Salt Lake City to the largest genealogy conference

Thing I have not done:

  1. Finished transferring my Reunion data to Family Tree Maker so I will not be carrying all my notes with me.
  2. Still not included in my data the important info on the last lot of births, deaths & marriages I have collected.
  3. Selected backup sessions  for RootsTech, if I cannot get into my first selections.
  4. Have a warm coat to take – it is hot here even in winter.
  5. Purchased any type of additional beading so I can wear my own if no-one gives me any.  (Don’t want to look like a total first timer nobody.)
  6. Figured out how to hide my extra bad sourcing methods (code for none in some cases) so hopefully no-one notices.

Food at RootsTechWhat I have done is listened Jill Ball /GeniAUS and friends at Google Hangout: GeniAUS Hangout on Air – Foreigners and First timers at Rootstech or your can watch directly below.

One important point I made a mental note about is that there is big sandwiches.


So I hope to blog more about the conference and share what I learn.

And if you do see me around at RootsTech give me a “fair crack of the whip” cause I’m “fair dinkum” when I say “no dramas mate“. It will work out fine.

Featured Image and other from Jill Ball /GeniAUS presentation at Google HangOuts.

6 thoughts on “Preparation for RootsTech for a First Timer”

  1. Yay Fran … you’ll have a total ball. I went to RootsTech last year, and such fun, and can’t wait for Feb 2015, as I’m planning on getting back there then! Enjoy, and soak it all up.

      1. Hi, if you mean the link to your blog this is totally ok. I run comment luv plug in for my comments. It automatically links back to your blog if the ID you select is related to your blog. It is a way of bloggers supporting other bloggers with comments and links back. It selects the most recent one or if you have commented more you can select from a variety of your posts. Also thanks for reporting rootstech will be fun.

    1. Hi Jill, yes it is my entry. I sent and email seamier to confirm this but it was late at night so I may have not sent it successfully. Hope you seen this note. Fran

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