Remind me not to moan about airlines again

Remind me not to crowd into Delta, US airline, again. Here I go again, hating airlines. It is like they know how to annoy me.

Some airlines just go out of their way to make the trip unpleasant. Having a tray table taped to the chair that is completely unserviceable gives great confidence in the engine maintenance. Is it held together with duck tape? Gosh if you cannot fix a table how can you be trusted to maintain an engine.

I know I promised not too moan so much about airlines. The crew was very polite and capable. However lots of little things frustrated me. There are only drinks served to the business class on this flight. Who decided economy passengers don’t get thirsty?

The plane, a DC9-50, was not a new plane. I think I saw one at the Smithsonian the other day. Might have been the same one.

The crew flying back home got the window seats with working tray tables! Also one their bags were not properly stowed “beneath the seat in front” and one of them had a computer out on their working tray table not long after takeoff before this was announced as being permitted. If it is good enough for the passengers to wait then the crew should follow the instructions too.

I’m waiting for another Delta flight to start my journey home. Hope they have improved.

Any thing annoy you when flying?

2 thoughts on “Remind me not to moan about airlines again”

  1. Oh boy! That sounds horrendous! We flew to Brisbane from Sydney and sat across from the air hostesses once. One commented to the other that the plane was a bit rattly that day. I don’t want to be on a plane that rattles!! Hope your next flight is better!

    1. Hi Ash, Yes I dislike planes that rattle too much too. The flights that followed across the USA and home to Australia where heaps better.
      Loved the pink cake you made for the party.

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