#AtoZChallenge D is for Will Document from FamilySearch

Will Document from FamilySearch for James Harper

Will Document from FamilySearch for James Harper

D is for Will Document from FamilySearch.

A recent find is my 3x great grand fathers will document that is dated 25 July 1863. James Harper came to New Zealand in the 1840s and made his home in Nelson. The will confirms he is from Nelson at the time of writing the will.

I found will document in digital form on the FamilySearch website.

Previously I had collected some images of wills from archives in New Zealand but had not found this one. One benefit of the FamilySearch.org document is the nice scanning. Some of the photo images I collected are not square on the page.

I am working on verifying some names, keyevents  and dates for some people mentioned in the will in another research project. In particular Francis MacDonald (McDonald).

Persons: James Harper b. 1803, Sarah Teresa Harper b. 1827 and Francis McDonald b. 1823.

Source: FamilySearch.org, New Zealand, Nelson, probate records, Probate files, 1849-1890, surnames G-H, rec. 414, 417, 374-416.

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  1. Thanks so much for popping by my blog! My cousin is busy working on our family’s genealogy. So far she has traced us, on our paternal sides, to the early settlers of Massachusetts. I don’t have the patience – you look like you’re making great headway.

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    1. Yes it is good we can read cursive. But I struggle with older styles of writing and have to work at it so that’s what is going to happen to others. At least people are working at super fancy OCR so it can be digitised.

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