More TravelGenee Online Places


Here you can find more places I am online, not just my here. In my about page I mention my interests including travel and genealogy/family history plus blogging about them.

By day I actually work to FUND THIS!

I’m a bit of a geek when I want to be so have a collection of online places I hang out for work also. Problem is I do not visit them often enough but for 2014 I am going to try and provide more colourful, interesting, pretty stuff for our customers. You can check the public social media places however much of my work site/blogs are hidden away for customers only. Sorry you cannot see these.

Anyway here goes, some of my online places:

Blog: TravelGenee

Websites: Rosewall | RoomMates | DecorHeaven AU |  DecorHeaven NZ

Google+: RosewallAU | DecorHeaven | Fran AKA TravelGenee

Facebook: RosewallAU | DecorHeaven | TravelGenee

Twitter: RosewallAU | DecorHeaven | TravelGenee

Pinterest: DecorHeaven | TravelGenee

Instagram: DecorHeaven | TravelGenee

YouTube: RosewallAU | DecorHeaven | Fran AKA TravelGenee

Bloglovin: Bloglovin

Sponsor: Decorating Heaven Social Media Summary:DecorHeaven Social Media Page

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