About TravelGenee

Fran way back in 2011- the original TravelGenee imageI love traveling to places and seeing the real thing right in front of me. I love the getting there; plane, train or bicycle. I love playing detective traveling back though time with family history.

So I blog it. Bits about my trips away from home and adventures back in time. I share what I see, find out and discover with my friends and followers that take the time to enjoy TravelGenee.

I am a part time family history blogger, part time traveler. I also love sport, especially the NRL* team Melbourne Storm & childhood favourite, Chelsea Football Club. Oh and I drink coffee, good coffee only. You will catch me crocheting sometimes or reading others blogs when I should be blogging.

To fund all this, by day I am a partner in a wallcovering importing business, Rosemont  so I am also interested in decor and other girly things too.

More TravelGenee Online Places

Beyond this TravelGenee Blog there are many more places I am online.  You can find, follow, subscribe, connect, etc with me if you want to follow my travels and genealogical family history adventures. Or even check out my daytime work and family history society links. I spend a lot of time as webmaster and social media person for  work and my society so you might find something you like about decorating or family history.

How to connect with me

  • If you wish to make contact over genealogical information please leave a comment on page you have the query about or on the contact page. I deliberately omit personal information about people still alive. I will help when I can with your query however this may not be possible.
  • I only friend people on Facebook and LinkedIn that I personally know so do not be offended if I never answer your request. When you see me next time ask me to accept your friend request or follow me via  Pinterest, Instagram or more places.
  • Interested in cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation to support this blog, then contact me via contact page and check out the Disclosures Page.

Regards Fran Kitto

*NRL The National Rugby League (NRL) is the top league of professional rugby league football clubs in Australasia.