My Family History Year

Mabel Kate DAWSON

This section in my TravelGenee blog is called “My Family History”. It is all about events in my ancestors lives on a particular date. The topic will bring to light my family history a day at a time. Yes, it will cover the obvious like births, marriages and death dates, however, these are just the start.

What will be covered all depends on what I discover when researching. I am thinking there are loads of newspaper articles, family events, census data and more to discover when researching my family history. The first post was written on 1 January 2014 and I hope to one day have an event for every day of the year. This might take a while so come back and check out my blog again in the future.

If you prefer to read the latest addition check out the My Family History Year category or to read by date,  use the following index.

My Family History Year Blog Index

Here is a list of dates completed so far:

1 Jan1953New Years Honours 1 January 1953 Dolph Kitto
6 Jan1896Grace Shepherd DOB 1896, January 6th, Keen Gardener
8 Jan1922P for Prior – Augustus Stanley PRIOR & Maud Victoria SHEPHERD Marriage
21 Jan1892Richard John KITTO late of Albion Park (Trove Tuesday)
24 Jan1951E KITTO, part of the crew that won the N.Z. Idlealong championship at Lyttleton
27 Jan1929V for Victor Meyrick GIBSON, died age 23, 27 January 1929
1 Feb1791Hannah WYARD & Stephen Rice Marriage
7 Feb1801B for Bice – One Name Study, verifying research yourself
9 Feb1892Trove Tuesday: Kitto Intestate Estate Great Sale
15 Feb1885C for Collis – Birth date for Charles Collis DAWSON
1 Mar1883What was it like in 1883 – the Evening Post?
8 Mar1939Herbert Cleveland Eric Kitto DOD 8 March 1939
15 Mar1881GenealogyPhotoADay “Mother” – Alex and Mabel Dawson
24 Mar1910DAWSON and STONE Wedding 24 March 1910
2 April1913PapersPast: What did Olive wear to her wedding?
12 April1968Friday Family History Finds #3 – Wahine Disaster
19 April1997 My Internet Anniversary
24 April1880A for Amelia – About Amelia and her marriage to Francis Kitto
25 AprilANZAC Day – We will remember them
16 May1880Edward William Gibson Dawson Baptised
28 May1966Upper Hutt Becomes a City
19 June1959Letter to My Dear Sisters & Brothers From Grace Dawson
27 June1917Online Newspaper Headline on My Father’s Birth Date
2 July1893GenealogyPhotoADay Frances Ann Edmonds – Married 2 July 1893
15 Aug1914Ship sailed with the Samoan Advanced Party, WW1
10 Sep1865J for JEFFRIES – Fredrick JEFFRIES & Mary MACDONALD Marriage
19 Sep1893H for HARVEY – Right to vote in New Zealand
23 Sep1878A for Ancestor Jane Gibson
30 Sep1945EES KITTO returns from WW2 on the Strathpine
12 Oct1923My Grandmother Did Inspiring Things
16 Oct1841Mary Ann Harper: Died at Sea 16 October 1841
17 Oct1911Similar Interests: Kitto & Son
19 Oct1903GenealogyPhotoADay “Mother” – Alex and Mabel Dawson
31 Oct1966Nana poses for a photograph with a camel
6 Nov1924Mysterious Saxophone Player: Mabel Kate DAWSON
10 Nov1913G for GIBSON – Masonic Records
16 Nov1923R for Roman Victor José BYRON—BARHYDT date of death
20 Nov1924Trove Tuesday: Headline SCOTTISH BAN RIDICULED
3 Dec1895T for Thompson – Catherine THOMPSON & Edward A. G. GIBSON marriage
5 Dec1955How did Mum & Dad Meet?
8 Dec1926James Miller IRELAND Burial
12 Dec1918TravelGenee’s Friday Family History Finds: Pvt F KITTO
16 Dec1891Friday Family History Finds: Richard John KITTO’s missing coroners report
25 Dec1854M for Monger – Fanny MONGER & William EDMONDS marriage