Join in with the Genealogy Photo a Day Challenge

I am going to be trying to post a genealogy photo a day this October. You can follow me on Instagram at @travelgenee.

The suggestion list for the genealogy photo a day was posted by genealogy girl talks, a fellow poster I found through Instagram.

Why don’t you join in? Follow @genealogygirltalks and @genealogyphotoaday on Instagram.  Tag your posts with #genealogyphotoaday and #genealogyphoto. If the month has started then start at that point and finish the beginning in the following month. Or just pick the days you fancy and post a few. If you don’t use Instagram you could post on Twitter or other social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtags to check out some of the other posters and ? them.

Genealogy photo a day list

Genealogy photo a day


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