Gibraltar in pictures

If you like to see the actual pics here are some of Gibraltar taken yesterday.

View from the hotel balcony. An ancient Moorish Castle sits on the horizon sited to the left side of the pic.

Closer view of the castle:

Sweeping around to the right from the balcony view, note the church within the buildings. Many churches have both Islamic and Christian architecture on the same site. Image shows more of the close built housing construction:

Sweeping around further left:

In Casemates Square, at one end of the Main Street tourist shopping is a typical example of a wall made of local stone. Many stones have been recycled from previous builds and it is terraced to gain access to the higher levels.

Also here is a pic from one side of Casemates Square showing a common architectural form with a wall of archways:

While it much looks old and tired as you walk down skinny streets many open entrances have blue and white Islamic tiles running halfway up the wall and many other visual treats to see.

Safe and happy travels!