Meanwhile something more from Gibraltar

What do you think you know what this is?

Speciman at the Botanic Gardens at Gibraltar

No, it is not a tree trunk. It is the stem of a giant succulent called the Dragon Tree. While it may reach tree-like proportions it is not a woody plant but a large lily succulent.

It was one of the interesting plants found at the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens. Succulents from different locations is one thing that I find interesting so they will pop up in my blogs if they manage to catch my attention. I don’t usually go into names, especially the “official” names however this was supplied by the gardens – Dracaena draco.

Here is the full plant where the above trunk came from and a smaller one next to it:

Speciman at the Botanic Gardens at Gibraltar

Travel tip for this blog is to make sure you plan do the things you like doing so you get the maximum pleasure from your travels. Leave spare time while you are travelling to stop and check out the view. Or in my case, gardens and plants.

For me, I like visiting gardens as they can be like metaphors for the history of the city or town they reside in.

In Gibraltar, the botanical gardens were founded in 1816 by Governor of Gibraltar General George Don in order to provide a recreational area for the Garrison at the time. Serving that purpose for many years, the gardens fell into disrepair in the 1970s until the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens project, funded by a firm of environmental consultants and managers, Wildlife (Gibraltar) Limited, came about in 1991.*

Opposite the airport exit was a large succulent that just looked like a giant succulent:

More plants at Gibraltar

Or a small one in a pot by the cable car that goes up the rock to the view:

Succlent from Gibraltar

While small compared to the two previous examples it got my attention as it appeared to be a grafted example.

Safe and happy travels!

*Reference – Wikipedia