Ready for RootsTech Connect: Check your FamilySearch account

Your next task for getting ready for the RootsTech Connect virtual conference is to ensure your FamilySearch account is set up, working and you know how to access it.

RootsTech Connect: Check your FamilySearch Account

Already have a FamilySearch account?

Over time many people will have set up a FamilySearch account to access all the free records located at FamilySearch. If you are a regular user you might know your User ID and Password or your computer fills it in for you. It is these login details you will require on the RootsTech site. You need to locate them as your computer probably will not recognise the RootsTech site wants your FamilySearch login details.

If you have not accessed your FamilySearch account for a while I suggest you try to access your account. Then you will know if you remembered the correct password and are able to confirm your access.

Don’t have a FamilySearch account?

Then it is time to organise one. By doing this before RootsTech Connect you will be ready and able to create your “My Playlist”  While it is possible to watch sessions and keynote talks as a guest the ability to search the available sessions and then save them for viewing later means you will not miss out on any of the session you want to review.

Create your FamilySearch Account now.

Reasons to have a FamilySearch account

  1. It is free.
  2. The sheer volume of family history records in the database.
  3. There is one big tree that others are working on so someone else might have solved a brick wall for you.
  4. After you have passed on the information you added to the tree will live on for others to see.
  5. It contains public sources and is a public tree (except live people).
  6. FamilySearch has a huge wiki that will help your research.
  7. Record hints.
  8. Collaborate with other researchers.
  9. There is “an app for that”.
  10. And, of course, a better RootsTech Connect experience.

One big tree

It is worthwhile reminding you that the FamilySearch Tree is one big tree. People collaborate to grow and amend the tree to make it more accurate. Hopefully, they attach sources to verify the information.

You will hear complaints that someone changed “my tree”. Will yes people do this however it is “our tree” with everyone working on the same tree. Like crowdsourcing on a project, you would expect over time the tree will improve with all these minds working on it.  And yes we all make mistakes. I have seen one great grandmother with two mothers when someone attached her to a second mother. There was the time an ancestor, who lived in the UK, was given another wife in the USA and he suddenly had many extra children. It would have probably been impossible for him to sail back and forth to father all these children.

Do not let the issues hinter the benefits of having a FamilySearch account. I have found the benefits outweigh the problems.

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Next time “Relatives at RootsTech” – you will need to have a FamilySearch account for this with yourself connected back through the generations into the big tree.

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RootsTech Connect: Check your FamilySearch Account