Surnames List

The Surnames List from my family tree

With my surnames list it is not totally inclusive of the names I have added to my family tree. Many of these people are the husbands, wives and siblings of the people I am tracing so I do not have much evidence or material about them. The following names are ones I am more interested in tracing.

Austin, Babington, Bice, Boutcher, Brettel, Byron-Barhydt, Campbell, Collis, Dawson, Diamond, Dixon, Edmonds, Ellery, Frankland, Forbes, French, Gibson, Grout, Harper, Ireland, Jeffries, King, Kitto, MacDonald, Mansfield, McDonald, Monger, Myhill, Nixon, Reade, Rice, Richardson, Scott, Shepherd.

Section of my Surnames List

The family members I am mostly interested in tracing are my descendents from the following family groups:

Major Family Groups from my Surnames List

Most of my research traces back from me. My grand parents names were DAWSON, IRELAND, KITTO & SHEPHERD. These families resided in New Zealand and prior to this England and Scotland.

DAWSON line – England, London & Essex or New Zealand: Collis, Dawson, Gibson, Rice.

IRELAND line – Scotland or New Zealand: Harper, Ireland, McDonald, Scott.

KITTO line – England, Cornwall or Jersey, Channel Islands or New Zealand: Bice, Brettel, Ellery, Kitto.

SHEPHERD line – England, London & Essex or New Zealand: Edmonds, Monger, Shepherd.

You can review these above families in more detail by searching by surname on my blog. Please note that some blog posts discuss possible connections yet to be proven. Tracing family history by the surnames list can still help you by giving clues to possible connections.

If you think your family may be connected to people I am researching please send brief details (including dates and places) via the contact page.