Tourist Attractions to Avoid: Bull fighting

Ban bull fighting in Spain!
Spanish Bull Flighting Ring

Next to the hotel in Spain was a bull ring, a tourist attraction to avoid? Yes, bull fighting. The bright yellow colour, aging concrete and steel was not glamorous in any way.  Without being told what the building was, I would not have know.

Fortunately, it was the off-season when we visited in January 2011. Mind you in the fighting season it is really OFF from my standpoint. Some locals thought that this particular ring might not be in use anymore although they were not sure if this was due to lack of support or a governmental ban. Or perhaps they were just saying this to be polite.

While supporters say it is a symbol of Spanish cultural heritage there is a growing movement that sees bullfighting as a barbaric blood sport.

For a while now numerous towns in Spain and even countries are now banning it. January 2012, Spain’s leading broadcaster said it would no longer show live bullfights in order to protect children from viewing violence.

The main bullfighting season in Spain starts in Valencia in March so hopefully, the protesters are out in force supporting the demise of this barbaric sport.

Fortunately, bullfighting is gradually becoming more and more unpopular and I suggest you do not visit this type of event on your travels. Ban bullfighting in Spain!

Do you plan not to visit tourist attractions that are no longer acceptable in modern society? Leave a comment about events or places you would avoid visiting.

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