TravelGenee #atozchallenge Reflections

TravelGenee #atozchallenge Reflections

TravelGenee #atoz ReflectionsThe final piece in the piece in the A-Z challenge is the  #atozchallenge reflections post. Here are my learnings:

I discovered by doing the A-Z challenge was that I can blog regularly. Something new for me to try out.

Through reading and commenting on other A-Z challenge bloggers that it is possible to write shorter blog posts so that you can post more frequently and consistently. (I am trying to do this for the reflections post.)

TravelGenee #atozchallenge Reflections Post

From my post research, I am more aware of the  wealth of information on the Internet for family historians and it is growing every day. I need to follow my own recommendations to look beyond my favourite places to research. See the post G for GIBSON for an example.

You really need to prepare and schedule posts for challenges for a place like this. This gives more time for commenting.

Confirmation that blogging is a fantastic way to link up with “cousins” interested in family history.

Thanks to the organisers and to the readers taking the time to comment. Especially thanks to the family historians with their generous supported for my first time at this challenge.

So that is it. My reflections on the A-Z challenge 2016. I am a survivor!

a to z survivor 2016

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23 thoughts on “TravelGenee #atozchallenge Reflections”

  1. I am finding your blog for the first time on the Summer Road Trip. I like the incentive to keep finding new bloggers. Looks like you haven’t been posting of late. April can wear you out, but after rethinking the whole blogging experience, hope you will be fast at it again soon. Enjoyed your reflection. Hope you will have time to read mine written after participating for four years. I have a few thoughts to add to yours. This June I have been writing a series of posts of summertimes when I was growing up. Let me know what you think if you have time to drive by. Get back to all your good work!

    1. Hi Stepheny, Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. You will know bloggers love these. I also appreciate the encouragement. I must get back to blogging on a more regular basis. Fran

  2. Hi and thanks so much for stopping by the Write Game on your road trip. I’m not going to be able to do the trip this year, but wanted to say I appreciate the visit.

  3. Congratulations on completing your first A to Z Challenge! 🙂 It does go much smoother when you have all the posts done and scheduled ahead of time. I keep saying I’ll do that, but something always interferes! 😛 I’m sorry I missed your entries, but thanks for road tripping over to The Doglady’s Den. Travel and genealogy are fascinating subjects and I’ll be sure to visit more often. Cheers!

  4. Congrats on finishing the challenge. I agree with your reflections. I had similar – with shorter posts, it was certainly easier to bloghop. So good that you stopped by from the road trip and I got to meet you.

  5. My parents were very much into genealogy, doing research into Scotland and parts of Ireland. They found it to be quite fulfilling.

    The secret to successful A to Z Challenge is shorter posts, and visiting/commenting on other blogs. I always feel a little bit sad in May after such a huge rush of visitors in April and then … radio silence.

    Congratulations on completing the challenge!

    1. Thanks Mary for the tip. I was trying to do shorter posts and will try harder next time. Yes it does feel a bit like after the honeymoon once April is over.

  6. Your site is fascinating! My brother started looking into our family history – I will send him a link to your site. Nice to (finally) meet a fellow A to Zer.

    1. Hi Sadie, so glad you visited and are passing on my site to your brother. I’ll pop over and check out your site and Ato Z too. Fran

    1. Kristin, thanks for visiting my posts. I also tried to visit other family history blogs. A number of comments recently have mentioned having a family history category so that we are easier to find. I have added you to my Feedly so I will not be missing your posts now.Fran

  7. Thanks Molly. Your commenting was most appreciated. I really enjoyed your posts. It is great to read tales from another place as it gives a different perspective. I still learnt from them as the basic principals of research are the same regardless of location. Fran

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