#AtoZChallenge 2017 Reflections Post & Summary

April is over and I am finally doing my reflections post for the #AtoZChallenge 2017. I had to catch up with some work first and do an assignment for the Family History Diploma I am doing at the University of Tasmania. I cannot wait until I can find time to get back into my family history research. So here is the final summary for the A to Z Challenge posts for April 2017. You can also read my comments reflecting on the challenge further down this post.

#AtoZChallenge 2017 Summary

Instead of the usual list of posts I have used an image to get you tempted to go and see what the post is about. Feel free to visit one to all the posts for April.

A for Ancestor Jane GibsonB is for Background – Rock of GibraltarAtoZChallenge Cemetery & Collis – Cousins or not?#AtoZChallenge D is for Will Document from FamilySearch#AtoZChallenge E for Everyday Object#AtoZChallenge F for Fashion: Nana’s Fur Fashion #AtoZChallenge G is for Green New Zealand#AtoZChallenge GenealogyPhoto Double Up: G is for Glasses#AtoZChallenge H for Hobby: Family History#AtoZChallenge I for Instagram – My 2016 Best 9 on Instagram #AtoZChallenge J for Jewellery Inherited – My Treasure#AtoZChallenge K for Kitchen Labels#AtoZChallenge L for Landscape – Near Falmouth in Cornwall.#AtoZChallenge M for Map – Charles Booth Poverty Maps#AtoZChallenge N for Newspapers – Kitto Obituary #AtoZChallenge O for Occupation Research #AtoZChallenge P for Peculiar People – Odd Names#AtoZChallenge Q for Quote #AtoZChallenge R for Ralph a family history pet story. #AtoZChallenge S is for the Dawson Siblings #AtoZChallenge T is for Family History Trinkets & Treasures #AtoZChallenge U for Uniform – Lest we forget. #AtoZChallenge V for Volleyball Versus Vegetableshttp://travelgenee.com/volleyball-versus-vegetables/#AtoZChallenge W for Wildlife in the Backyard#AtoZChallenge X for X – that’s ten in Roman Numerals #AtoZChallenge Y for Youngest to Oldest – Dawson Family #AtoZChallenge Z for San Diego Zoo

#AtoZChallenge 2017 Reflections

  • It was easier this year with many of my posts prewritten and scheduled.
  • I loved being to share many of my #GenealogyPhotoADay from Instagram on the blog. The blog post are more permanent than being lost in the Instagram stream.
  • Loving the family history and other bloggers comments.
  • Some family historians do fabulous research.
  • I enjoy the blogs that share music. Nice to live in the past.
  • Posting a link each day on the A to Z Blogging Challenge Website is not that hard. Plus when you clicked links to comment you went directly to the correct post.
  •  Failed with my original topic as I did not prepare early enough. Also it was too complicated. I need to pick a topic suited to short, quick posts.

Check out more of my #GenealogyPhotoADay on Instagram.

Opens at the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2017 WebsiteThe 2017 A to Z Blogging Challenge was based on my genealogy posts for #GenealogyPhotoADay (some days, not everyday) on Instagram. I managed to do all 26 letters. Here’s the collection of 2017 A to Z posts. Or there are the 2016 series using family names for some more information about my ancestors and me.

Thanks heaps to all the people that left comments!!

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#AtoZChallenge 2017

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