#AtoZChallenge Z for San Diego Zoo

Flamingos at San Diego Zoo

Z for San Diego Zoo

The first time I saw flamingos closeup was at the San Diego Zoo in California.

We spoke to one of the zoo personnel who said that the value of the plants at the zoo was actually more than the animals. I enjoyed the Tillandsia which are a type of bromeliad that grows by absorbing moisture and nutrients. I had never seen so many and such a large variety of types and sizes.

Plants at San Diego Zoo

Balboa Park

The zoo is one of those must go places you should put on your bucket list. Allow two or more days to visit Balboa Park where the zoo is located.  We parked the car and did not even make it to the zoo the first day because of the interesting places to visit in the park.  There are 17 major museums, performing arts venues, beautiful gardens and more, in addition to the zoo. We easily filled in a day walking around mainly looking at the buildings and gardens. We checked out a few of the museums however you need more than one day to looks inside each.

From History Museums to the Air & Space Centre there should a place to interest everyone. Here is a couple of pics I took outside the Musemum of Man.
California Building

The California Building, home to the San Diego Museum of Man is mentioned more than any other San Diego structure in architecture books. The hybrid design, mixing Plateresque, Baroque, Churrigueresque, Rococo, Gothic, and Spanish-Colonial, creates a totally unique building. (Pictures-mine, text see the source.)

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Source: California Tower details – https://balboapark.org/ Old link is no longer available.

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6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Z for San Diego Zoo”

  1. Balboa Park is such a beautiful place with so many interesting things to do. I lived in San Diego from 1959 to 1963 and have so many great memories of going to Balboa Park and nearby Old Town.

    This past December I went to the San Diego Zoo with my kids and grandkids. They all loved it though it was a handful since the kids were all pretty young. If a person lived in San Diego it would be worth getting a yearly pass and spending time there at least once a month (if one had that much free time).

    Arlee Bird

    1. Arlee, Thanks for visiting. Yes a monthly pass would be a great idea. You would get some exercise with all the hills too. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I had to catch up with my real work after blogging for the A to Z challenge. Thanks for running the challenge. It is appreciated. Fran

  2. Congratulations on finishing another A to Z Challenge and thanks for visiting/commenting on my blog! This is a wonderful photo ending to your challenge posts. I love that your Zoo photos are all plants — mine would be, too! Looking forward to your A to Z Reflections post when they set the date.

    1. My favourite zoos are ones with interesting plants. We got to meet the person I talked about as they saw us looking at a skinny nearly leafless tree on the security monitors. It was an odd thing of a tree. Apparently it was quite new and valued at over $20,000 to get it there from Africa so they didn’t want anyone messing with it.
      Yes just the Reflections post to go.

    1. Shirley, enjoyed your posts too. They had so much detail and things to do to improve blogs. We all need a bit of Zing & Zeal. Producting the book is a great idea as all the help you created in the A to Z Blogging Challenge is then in one place. Fran

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