AtoZChallenge Adolph was not always a bad name

For the AtoZ challenge in 2019 I am working through my collection of #genealogyphotoaday stories originally posted on Instagram. Here I share extracts about the people and places in my family history. Sometime I add the adventures I have in life travelling, researching and thoughts about my life to record these for future generations. The #genealogyphotoaday posts are based on monthly prompts from @genealogygirltalks.

AtoZChallenge Adolph for A

Sometimes the names your parents give you might be suitable at the time. Then events in history mean the name is not popular and typically avoided after the event or person that made it a bad name. The 1 March, is my paternal grandfathers birthday. Fortunately for him his name was shorten to Dolph so it was not as bad as it could have been during the second World War, in particular.

He was born in New Zealand in 1883, that is 136 years from March 2019. I am guessing that he may have been named after his mother’s brother, Adolphus Bretel born in 1856. Or perhaps an earlier ancestor I am yet to locate.

I frequently find him in appearing in newspapers shich as the Evening Post from Wellington. The following article was provided by a cousin so I am unsure of the date of publication.AtoZChallenge Adolph for A

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13 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge Adolph was not always a bad name”

  1. This is so amazing! It is kind of interesting how people are often judged based on their name alone. Making it so that they either have to shorten it or change it completely.

  2. I’ve always felt bad for guys named Adolph/Adolf who were born before that name took on its taboo. The name has such a lovely meaning, “noble wolf.” On my secondary blog, about names, I’ve suggested people who want to honor a special Adolf in their family tree, or an older friend, might use the original form of the name, Adalwolf.

    1. Interesting that you write about names. If you happen to catch this reply leave the web address so I will check it out.

  3. My genealogy tree includes an uncle Adolph. He always stuck with the name, maybe because with small town living, just getting by was the order of the day. I am looking forward to your photos of the day for April.

    1. Hi Gail, could have been many reasons why he stuck with it. My grand father went by Dolph from as early as 1911 from newspaper cutting I have found. Fran

  4. I LOVE the genealogy photo a day on instagram. I have done it several months but have been too distracted by other things to keep at it. I like how your A-Z challenge lets you do double-duty.

    1. Wendy, having lots to do makes it hard to do every day so I just do it when I can. Otherwise it becomes onerous and not enjoyable. Fran

  5. This is a great theme Fran. Looking forward to getting to know your family during April. Great idea to collate your genealogy photo a day photos into your blog. Visiting from #AtoZChalkenge

    1. Thanks a Jennifer. Hopefully I will find time to finished off each post. I’m so busy with work and Waves in a Time Conference work. At least I have prepared some of the work already with writing it up for Instagram.

    1. Laura, yes not fortunate having an infamous name. Good thing it did not stop him doing all the great community and sports work he continued to do in his life. Even through WW2 when is sons went to war. Fran

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