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UPDATE: The next event I am attending is the 1 Day Brisbane and 3 days Sydney DNA Down Under events in August 209. DNA for ethnicity and family history research is very popular currently however you will find it much harder to progress your research unless you engage some experts. Check out the speakers and events locations and timing at the DNA Down Under Website.

Anyone that has meet me at a conference knows I see myself as a conference junkie. The word conference is good enough reason to consider if I should attend. I was a regular at Problogger conferences before I decided to get more serious with my family history research. This leads me to the first of this series on the reasons why you should attend conferences.  What is the first reason to attend?

Meet Experts

While going to Problogger conferences I meet Donna Moritz some years ago. Donna is a social media strategist, visual marketing specialist, blogger and speaker. In particular, she is great at visual stuff for social media.

Meets Experts at the SMMW this MarchDonna now writes for the leading social media sites, travels the world giving presentations to conferences all while running her social media business. Her winning blog is frequently mentioned in the top 10 global social media blog lists as the one you must read. With over 10,000 followers on Facebook, not counting her groups, 49,500+ followers on Twitter, 226.2k monthly unique viewers at Pinterest and others you can see Donna has many fans.

Recently Donna helped me with a problem I mentioned on her Facebook group page, Visual Content Creators. For me quick bits of personalised help are priceless.

So without attending the Problogger Conference, I would have never met Donna. I would have missed all the tips and help she shares on her blog at Socially Sorted. I enjoy the time saver methods she has passed on, the tools and apps she has tested. There is the news I hear before it becomes generally known, from her vast array of top-level contacts and lots more.

Why attend a family history conference?

I hear you say, “what has this to do with family history?” It’s the tips and help I have had from Donna that lets me easily create images. I use them for work, to promote my TravelGenee blog posts online and for Caloundra Family History & Waves in Time 2019 websites and social media.

So if you are researching your family history why would you miss out on attending a conference? You’ll have the chance to meet expert speakers, knowledgeable exhibitors and well-informed attendees? After all, you might meet the expert that gives you that one tip you need to smash down a brick wall.

Check out the program of experts and register now for the Waves in Time 2019 Family & Local History conference to get the early bird special that closes on 31 March.

Book now to meet experts at Waves in Time 209

I am the webmaster and an official ambassador for the Waves in Time 2019 conference with minimal complimentary benefits. It’s basically a labour of love.

I am also an ambassador for the DNA Down Under events and benefit from complimentary registration for the Sydney event. Because I see so much value in advancing my DNA knowledge I have paid for the Brisbane event.

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Why attend a conference: Meet Experts

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  1. I always learn something new from the conferences I’ve attended so far. Not only from the speakers and presenters, but from everyone I meet. Thank you for reminding me of why I love conferences so much!

  2. You’ve outlined some great benefits. RootsTech was a huge highlight for me in 2016. Hope to get back there again soon. I remember at RootsTech that you mentioned Problogger conferences. I’ve never forgotten our conversation. Hoping to attend a PB conference soon

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