AtoZChallenge Miramar South P1 Class in 1931

AtoZChallenge Miramar South P1 Class in 1931

The Instagram GenealogyPhoto prompt for 16 February 2019, was school. When I am looking for images to post for GenealogyPhotoADay I cannot always recall if I have posted a particular image before or not. I really like old school photos so decided that it would not matter if I posted this particular one again on Instagram.

AtoZChallenge Miramar South School P1 1931#genealogyphotoaday school

Meet the children in class P1, Miramar South School in 1931.

I posted this class group as a challenge for the family to find F. G. Reade. I warned the readers that if they were looking at the photo on a small screen they might need strong glasses. Of course, people in the immediate family spotted Frank.

What about later when others are searching for Miramar South School find this blog post? They may have no idea which one of the young children is Francis Graham Reade (DOB 8 September 1924). It would have been nice to name many or all of the children so it reminds us to name photographs when these details are fresh in your mind.

Friends, Associates, Neighbors or “FAN Club”

You may ask, why is naming the whole class is useful for family research? Because readers searching for others might connect and share information useful for my research on Frank Reade. Or interesting facts about the class or school using the FANS methodology. Friends, Associates, Neighbors or “FAN Club” was conceived by renowned genealogist and author Elizabeth Shown Mills.¹

Miramar South School and Strathmore Community School merged in 2013 on the site of the Strathmore school so students are no longer being taught at the Miramar South School site.²

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AtoZChallenge Miramar South School by TravelGenee



6 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge Miramar South P1 Class in 1931”

  1. I very much agree Fran. I have an old school photo which includes multiple classes and can name some children but not others.
    At the risk of being pernickety, which I can be: I totally agree that the term FANs is one created by Elizabeth Shown Mills as you know when I present on the topic, but the concept and process has been in use for many years though it may then have been called collateral research. The value of reaching beyond immediate ancestors, or even family, can be incalculable.

    1. I agree that it is a research strategy that has been around for years and not just with family history . Journalists come to mind as knocking on neighboring doors for comments, views and more. I just like to support others as a simple way of not implying these are my original ideas.

    1. Although I have never been to one, if you get a good school reunion or reunion publication they may give some clues to the children’s later lives.

  2. I have a few old school photos too. I am always impressed with how happy the children look. And I marvel that the photographer made sure each face was clear and in view.

    1. Wendy, Not sure what happened to my comment. I was adding it via the WordPress app. Anyway, it was about the official hostel photos the University organised. We all deliberately looked all over the place and in the end, the photographer gave up and took the photo. I cannot remember many of the names but remember the fun company.
      PS Loving your heirlooms.

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