One Day in Bangkok

A few days earlier, one day in Bangkok, I went with X’s shopping – name changed as he can’t understand this blogging, Facebook, or Social Media stuff. Those of you that know X will totally understand about this. He’s never been the sort of person to follow trends, wear big brand logos or support any type of fashion. He loves his navy blue polos. Some in the wardrobe are old enough to vote, as he would say. I guess he probably buys them in the same shops in the USA, at the same times of the year so they are special, of course. So when I say our tourist adventures in Bangkok included Betty Smile, his dentist, “lady boy” who cuts his hair and the optometrist you might think he has changed and become fashionable and following the trend to purchase overseas. Definitely not!

Many people now take trips to Bangkok to take advantage of the less expensive services. People that see themselves as trendy and want white teeth will stop over on the way to somewhere else. It is not a new, trendy thing for X. He has been doing this for years. He loves a good special. He loves even more a great special.

Take his Bangkok hair dresser for example. It is the opposite of what I want from a salon. Personally I think the ambiance of the hair salon is important. I like to “play ladies”. Enjoy the atmosphere. Sit in decor that could be in a fashion mag. Of course the staff chat as required and know when to be quiet. High quality cutting and colouring a must!

Not the view I would want from the hair salon, wires and cables on mass!
The Bangkok salon was more of a barbers. Old fashioned black & white barbers chairs with clutter everywhere. Two other men were having a shave. One “lady boy” was pretending to be busy but nothing was actually happening. I was fascinated as the long nails flicked here and there on bent gay fingers as the hair was cut.

Sorry no pictures of the salon as I would not want them to view in my holiday snaps. There were 2 ladies salon down the street with much more suitable shiny fixtures style decor. I photographed things pink instead. Pink taxi, pink fridge and pink flowers totally supported by the overhead wires.

That’s it for Pink.