Dawson and Stone Wedding 24 March 1910

Celebrating my Family History for 24 March with the wedding of Gertrude Ethel Amelia Stone (DOB 1887) and Edward William Gibson DAWSON (DOB 1880) who was my grand uncle. He was the elder brother of my grandfather,  Charles Collis DAWSON’s (DOB 1885).

Update: I thought that I had a picture of Edward that was included in this post. I have deleted it after I found out from relatives on my maternal side that it was actually a picture of my great grandfather, Henry Shepherd. It was not Edward William Gibson DAWSON at all.

Dawson and Stone Wedding

They were married at the All Saints Church in Fulham, London on 24 March 1910. He was 29 and she was 23 as indicated by this extract from London Metropolitan Archives, ALL SAINTS, FULHAM, Register of marriages, 1909 Sep-1913 Aug, P77/ALL/033.

Dawson and Stone WeddingBeing a Chelsea Football Fan I checked out the church location. It is about 5 minutes drive from Fulham Broadway in London. This is the location of Chelsea’s home ground, Stamford Bridge, since their formation in 1905. I wonder if either of them went to a game.

Interestingly Gertrude’s death index on Ancestry has her birthday as 24 March (1887) too. This requires more research as it might be that the person registering her death got muddled up with her marriage date.

Many names within my family come from popular or family naming practices. Edward’s middle name Gibson comes from his mother maiden name Jane GIBSON, my great grandmother. Charles’s middle name Collis comes from Ann Collis, his great grandmother and my 3rd great grandmother.

The Dawson and Stone Wedding is part of My family History for 24 March 1910.

I wonder if large sporting clubs will release old membership records or perhaps they have been lost?

Dawson and Stone Wedding 24  March 1910

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