What makes first class airline service?

Loving first class airline service

Etihad Airways is one of the new boys in town. With the increase in prosperity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) they have been building specular commercial buildings, a super sized pure white marble mosque, miles of roads, reclaiming land from the sea for classy tourist destinations, buying world class football teams like Manchester City and creating world class airlines. They bring you the best of the old world with a shiny coffee pot or a shiny new coffee machine. Options abound!

While other airlines are closing down, reducing the number of better class services, being put into Chapter 22 to avoid bankruptcy, consumed by other airlines, the Etihad and Emirates airlines are building world class airlines with a full range of service options.

I love what I refer to as “playing ladies”, being pampered. Airline staff that treat you like a lady without an undertone of disrespect, jealousy or even snobbishness are not easy to find. Doing the job with good grace. I do not treat them with disrespect. This is not a master slave relationship. I just like being served by people that are proud of and love their jobs, try to improve each day, listen, make great suggestions and make me feel special, pampered. Even the word served has a meaning that does not cover my expectations. I am not looking for servitude.

Anyway this latest Etihad flight has staff with the qualities I want in a long trip, to London.

So here I am in the Etihad lounge in Abu Dhabi enjoying my fruit platter, selection of meats (going for fresh, natural, low processed foods), Arabic coffee & one date* and still water for breakfast. The service is just perfect, the staff enjoyable to chat with plus the espresso I had earlier was exactly how I like it with no need to explain this in detail to the waiter. Like the crew on the plane, the lounge staff are also exceptional.

I am trying not to be so negative and critical compared to my past view of life. Be gracious, less criticising, reduce the use of the word BUT and get on with life. It is hard when you are negatively inclined. So what was it this time. The Internet is slow in the lounge. It was slow a few years ago and it has not improved. As an Internet addict it is hard to understand why you would not address this. Plus it is hard to load up images with a slow connection – making for a less interesting blog.

* Recently read that it is polite to take the dates in odd numbers so now I can politely take 3 or 5 without feeling bad as 2 or 4 is just rude!

So that’s it, 97% very happy and 3% disappointed about the Internet. Great score for a person born with the negative gene.

Finally managed to upload the two images so I could post. Thank you British Airways Gatwick lounge for better Internet speed!

What sort of small things can ruin your trip? Or do you just not let them annoy you?

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  1. Great read about your trip! I need good coffee and a Juice Smoothy when I am travelling 🙂
    Without coffee and my morning juice/vegetables drink I dont feel human!

    1. Lisa, juice smoothy sounds great too! Something you can do yourself while on the road, if necessary and if you have the right equipment, Fran

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