#AtoZChallenge E for Everyday Object

Everyday Object - iPad

E for Everyday Object.

Everyday objects change over the years as our lifestyles change and with new technologies providing us different ways to do things. I use my iPad everyday to check emails, share on social media for work and my local family history society. With my online store, I check customer orders.

Everyday Object: Reeading Apps On mobile devices. I search the Internet instead of checking a book for facts and read the news online and blogs rather than newspapers and magazines. Talking about reading, the format for books is now electronic iBooks and Kindle, blogs arrive via Feedly. Saved in Pocket I have hundreds of webpages saved off line for reading on long plane trips.

I keep in contact with friends and cousins with a quick message on my everyday object.  No more  writin a long letter that were delivered by snail mail. To call I FaceTime rather than phone or Wunderlist sometimes instead of writing list.

Don’t tell anyone, I play games and cards on my iPad in preference to actually dealing a real pack. Some things don’t change – my card packs were free give always from airlines year ago. Even on my Everyday object I only play free games. I never purchase extra “lives”.

Previously I used to always carry a map in the car. I now use google maps to check out a trip and see how long the trip will take.

Evernote:  a Favourite Family History App

Everyday object for using Evernote

Evernote is a major research tool for my family history. At my fingertips I have folders of research and massives of digital images. It woukd be impossible to carry these as paper in folders to libraries. The image at the top are some of my icons in my genealogy folder of my favourite everyday object.

I think my iPad is glued to my hip – as Mum used to say when I wouldn’t put a favourite toy down.

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Opens at the A to Z Blogging Challenge 2017 WebsiteThe 2017 A to Z Blogging Challenge is based on my genealogy posts for #GenealogyPhotoADay (some days, not everyday) on Instagram. I will be using past daily prompts starting with the appropriate letter. Here’s the collection of 2017 A to Z posts that have been posted so far.

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12 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge E for Everyday Object”

  1. I think my phone and laptop are my everyday devices also. I do read “real” books though, I love the feel of them and the turning of the page and bookmarks. Yes, I am a complete dork.

    I’ll have to take a look at a few of the genealogy apps that you have. I have a reached a few dead points in my trees and need to see if other resources will help me get them to grow again.

  2. I agree iPad is my most essential everyday object. My day Starts with my phone and ends with me reading on the kindle app on iPad. So much information at our disposal! Sometimes I think how did I ever live in the pre-tech era, but those were some awesome days as well.
    Enjoyed your post
    Best Wishes!

    1. Yes it is hard to believe that recent technology changes have made such an impact on our lives. I always thought my Nana living through the introduction of power in the home, radio, tv, man landing on the moon, and loads more had been through technology changes however ours is so much more part of everyday lives.

  3. It is probably my favourite everyday object too. My children referred to my first one as Mum’s black dog, now I have a faster, sleeker, white dog that follows me everywhere.

  4. Yes, devices are so handy. I still use books – my library in my study is enormous! And by bedtime my iPad needs charging, so I read a print book. But I do carry my iPad with me and my phone and have discovered I really need them, having acquired them. I’ve been known to go home for a forgotten phone! My iPad is now also used to do the roll in my classroom, and write my reports(though I can use my computer for that too), and when I am explaining a word meaning to my literacy students it’s often useful to find a picture on Google Images. Not to mention blogging on the way to work, or reading the on–line newspaper to which I subscribe!

    1. Looks like you would miss yours too. It’s good to read actual books at night as the light from the iPad apparently is not good if you are trying to get sleepy.

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