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Here are 20+ of the Facebook posts that were shared on the Caloundra Family History Page for the second half of the month. The first half of the month had some great web sites that explained DNA and how it can help your family history research. This blog post includes the National Library Pandora site and Scottish and Dutch links to help your research. In Australia there is the Victorian female prison records and more from the National Family History Month, August 2015, in Australia and New Zealand.

Plus Friday Flashbacks where I have found interesting items in old copies of Family History Journals. These are from the other societies in Australia and overseas, collected by the Caloundra Family History Library.

And, of course, the Genie Jokes. Keep reading to see more.

Silly on Sunday…. Weird or a genealogist? Get into your research today. From Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches Genealogy’s Page

Genie Joke From Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches Genealogy’s Page

Good day yesterday at our celebration of National Family History Month and Sunshine Coast Seniors Week. It was great to see so many interested visitors.

CFH Family History Month August 2015cfh-fh-month-09-2015-bcfh-fh-month-09-2015-c

Shared Queensland State Archives Facebook Post on Caloundra.
On this day in 1917 you could venture to view the newly subdivided 404 allotments for sale at Caloundra. Offering the tantalising promise of a ‘sportsman’s paradise’ and ‘absolutely the most beautiful of ocean sites’.

The 277 acres of land were originally acquired by Robert Bulcock in 1875. It was his son, Robert Bulcock Jnr, who then implemented plans to subdivide the land in 1917.

Does anyone have any images of Bulcock/Caloundra that they’d care to share?


The National Library’s PANDORA web archive has been building a collection of Australian websites since 1996. Many significant sites have been preserved by PANDORA, such as the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games website. This is one way to check out recent history that is no longer available on the web. http://pandora.nla.gov.au/

10 Tips for Finding Scottish Ancestry to help your keep in track with your research from Genealogy Insider, the Family Tree Blog.

10 Tips for Finding Scottish Ancestry

Since 1993, this site has helped people of Dutch descent research their Dutch ancestors. If you are look for a possible lead it might help you.
Dutch Genealogy

Have some fun checking out how many places you have visited in the UK. No I have not been to 74/89! It’s a cousin I have in my family tree that shared this with me that is the great traveller. Fran


Caloundra Family History AGM. As a relatively new member I can report this is a very active group doing great things related to FH. In particular there were so many people mentioned by Valerie, our President, as dedicated helpers. I would like to mention Valerie as one of the very hardest working members. Thanks Valerie!!! She has made me most welcome too!! Fran.

Caloundra Family History General Meeting CFH-FB-General-Meeting-2 CFH-FB-General-Meeting-3

Friday Flashbacks

Friday Flashback: “Luxury Quarters and Sleeping Arrangements for Convicts”
As quoted from the Goondiwindi Gazette (Goondiwindi and District Family History Society) Vol 13 No 2, Sept 2006…….”The women’s quarters two of these measured 6ft 7 inches in length by 7ft 10 inches in width, and were intended to each accommodated ten women. The third space was designed for 27 women. Was 13ft 7 inches long x 8ft 4 1/2 inches wide. As described, by Surgeon Peter Cunningham, of the types of Prisons, as constructed in 1820s.”
Convict ancestors are now considered Australian Royalty to have in a family tree. Do you have any?

Family History Month 2015 on Social Media

If you missed any of the great genealogy helpful links posted for the first half of Family History Month 2015 on our Facebook Page I have collated them on my personal blog too…TravelGenee  ‪#‎NFHM2015‬

Seven Reasons You Are Not Finding Your AncestorSeven reasons you are not finding your ancestor by Robin Foster. The examples are from the USA mainly however so true even for Australian research. Update: The link no longer working.
Leave a comment if you have more examples of reasons for not finding our ancestors.

This week on Dear Myrtle she had a talk with the Cyndi of CyndisList.com. If you do not know of Cyndi’s List then you are probably a beginner. Make sure you check out the interview and Cyndi’s List for probably the largest list of family history related sites. If you are not a beginner the list could help you break down a brick wall. Pat AKA Dear Myrtle writes the DearMYRTLE Genealogy Blog, consistently among the top 5 family history blogs internationally, where her focus is on beginning genealogy topics. She is the National Genealogical Society’s 2015 President’s Citation recipient. (Can’t you tell I am a fan!!!)Dear Myrte's special guest Gyndi of CyndisList.com(Links to a video of the talk between Dear Myrtle and Cyndi.)

I was reading a post from the Legal Genealogist, Judy G Russell and while the examples are not Australian ones it reminded me to consider taking photos at cemeteries as they might not be “technically” permitted. Or shareable online.

 ← DNA: the basics and way beyond Photos and the family homestead → Cemetery photos: permission required?

I’m on my 11th “another 15 minutes & shut it down” tonight.

CFH FB 23 August 2015

Victorian female prison records online for first time found via Shauna Hicks sharing this ABC piece.

Murderers, prostitutes, mothers and paupers: Victorian female prison registers online for first time

Shauna did this webinar for the last family history month. Worth while checking it out. TRAINING LEVEL: For beginners and reminders for more experienced. Golden Genealogy Rules: Webinar – MyHeritage.comGolden Genealogy Rules: Webinar

Have you had problems trying to share your historic photos? Read about this interesting experience Mr Geniaus had with some 1950s school photos.

Stanmore Shame Top 10 tips for starting your family history – Society of Genealogists from the Society of Genealogists (SoG) in Britain. There are loads of other tips too.

This Sunday is an online genie hangout being run by Jill Ball AKA Geniaus. 12 hours non stop hangout. It’s all cause of National Family History Month. ‪#‎NFHM2015‬. I will be attending so why not connect in too sometime on Sunday. It’s even being promoted by Dear Myrtle, Geneablogger all the way from the USA. Check out her blog post all about it.
Online genie hangout

Although this National Family History Month event is over I have included a link to the Genealogy Sunshine Coast website. They are another group on the Sunshine Coast located at Petrie Park Road, Nambour.

Friday FlashbacksFriday Flashback. This week I was reading the Time Line from the Genealogical Society Gladstone District Vol 9 No1, Feb 2004. It contained a 4 page article written by Dick Eastman (24 Nov 2003) about “The End of Microfilm”. It hard to believe that some did not like the idea of moving to Digital even with the problems with the longevity of microfilm. Some of the original 1930’s film was found to emit a flammable gas as they aged. The camera’s were bulky to move around the world and film was expensive making it costly and time consuming.
The LDS Church hoped to revisit some archives and take new digital image rather than just digitise the microfilm. It was estimated that one third of the microfilms available in 2003 were not suitable for digital conversion. I was wondering do you select to digitise records not on microfilm or revisit archives??? And 13 years later LDS is still working on this.

A huge list of genealogy related abbreviations (and a few adverts that you can pass by).

Genealogy Abbreviations List

Hunting ancestors in newspapers on Trove? Here is a big hint how to get better results.

The ONE Absolute BEST Way to Find More Ancestor Articles in Historic Newspapers Online

I never was one for housework before genealogy came into my life. Now I just work, blog, collect interesting ancestors and funny memes.
Yes it’s Sunday and only one Genie Joke before you get back into research. Via Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches Genealogy’s Facebook Page


(In case you missed them, the) Society and individual winners for prizes for National Family History Month #NFHM2015 – No longer available.

Found at Judy Websters Facebook Page: Genealogy special offers and discounts.

If you are considering DNA then you might like to look at other genealogists experiences, findings and views. Here is one from Sharon Muffett who was on the panel of the National Family History Month 12 Hour Geneagala on Sunday.

DNA mapping

That is the last 2 weeks of August on the Caloundra Family History Facebook page including some links to National Family History Month August 2015.

Where I added comments I have attempted to put these in italics.

If you have any questions or suggestions for sites to share on Facebook or other social media feel free to leave a comment.