Ready for RootsTech Connect: What time is it?

You know that saying from the kids in the back of the car, “Are we there yet?” will RootsTech might be a bit of a “What time is it?” for you.

Keynote Speaker Timing

Firstly remember you are not going to miss out on any you wish to watch as all will be available to stream later, on-demand. Let’s start with an example. The first presentation starts with Nick Vujicic, a world-renowned motivational speaker and best-selling author who happens to be born in Australia. This is on 24 February at 11.00 pm EST. “What is EST?”,  I hear you say? That is the time in places like New York in the USA. It is short for Eastern Standard Time.

If you look at the following image you can see the times in Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland and London when it is 11.00 pm, EST,  in New York.

11 pm EST in New York is 2pm in Brisbane Australia

If you reside in New York (11.00 pm) and go to bed early or reside in London and hate getting up too early (4.00 am) you don’t need to panic as the sessions will be replayed later in the day. Plus be available to stream on-demand. Using Nick’s example again, his talk is on again at 10.00 am EST on 25 February, a much more respectable time for those in New York. While the Aussies and Kiwis sleep those in the UK can watch at 5.00 pm.

10 am EST in New York is 2 am in Brisbane Australia

How to calculate times?

I use the website Time and Date to convert between times in different time zones in the future. This site was used in the example screenshot images above and below. It is easy to add the cities and then enter a particular date and time in the future for the one you have been supplied and the time in your city will calculate.

Calculator for time and date

iPhone world clockChecking the time in another time zone

If you are looking to check back on a regular basis as to what the current time is at a particular time zone outside your own location, I check these two ways:

  1. On the clock features in my mobile, I preset the locations I regularly wish to check. Then it is as simple as checking the phone.
  2. Or you can set up a group of clocks to view at the Time and Date Website. I am assuming the site creates cookies on your computer to save your choices. They probably use cookies to save your settings. If you clear cookies then you might have to re-enter details each time.Time and date clocks around the world
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10 Days to RootsTech Connect 2021 - How to get ready: What time is it?
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  1. Thanks Fran, I always tie myself up in knots trying to work out time zone differences. Going to make an Excel spreadsheet of all the times as a quick reference guide.

    1. John, In a more recent briefing we were told that once you login to RootsTech with your FamilySearch account the times will become local to you. Good news. Now we just have to wait until it starts. Fran

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