TravelGenee #atozchallenge Z – Zoe

TravelGenee #atozchallenge Z – Zoe

TravelGenee #atozchallenge ZI promised myself I would do a short post as I deserve to go to bed early for some zzz zzz’s.

This post is about Zoe. I alway thought that Zoe is such a neat name. I knew little about her except for family stories so I investigated her family for the University of Tasmania family history course.

Zoe is the name our family used however once I started researching I discovered her actual name was Olwen Zoe KITTO, born on 3 Dec 1908 at 25 Austin Street, Wellington.

I reported my studies in 3 posts:

  1. Studying Family History at University – A summary of what learned.
  2. A family history story: “They Left the Family Money to the Cattery”. Read this to find out more about Zoe and our family stories. Being more formal research for my studies this post has the biggest set of sources for any of my posts, ever.
  3. Family History Research Conclusions –  Comments and thoughts on my learnings.

“My conclusions can be summarised to never hold assumptions dear or bias your research on unsubstantiated views. Be objective, methodical and follow the research rule to verify the facts.”

So that’s it and now I have to spend time making my “creatively challenged” graphic on Canva.

TravelGenee #atozchallenge Z for Zoe

OK one last thought:

I am wondering how other bloggers balance the perfection required with genealogical sourcing to enable others to be able to check your research with keeping posts visually pleasant and manageable as writing up sources takes so much time.

Any views? Please leave a comment.


  1. See the 23 sources listed in the post mentioned above.

TravelGenee #atozchallenge Z – Zoe

This is part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge for April 2016: Letter Z for Zoe. You can read more about the A to Z challenge and my other posts. Or search on social media with #atozchallenge.

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14 thoughts on “TravelGenee #atozchallenge Z – Zoe”

  1. I sometimes add general sources at the end of the post. If I have a photo or something from somewhere else I add a link to it. if anyone wants more exact sources, they can contact me.

    Congrats on completing the challenge and on having a Zoe in your tree 🙂

    Finding Eliza

  2. Well done for completing and referencing, that is certainly a time sink. I try to add details to all the images I save which is useful but generally not clickable as the citation becomes part of the image file.

  3. Phew – are we glad that’s over. Congratulations on a successful challenge.

    My blog posts contain links but only the more formal researchy type ones contain more formal references.

  4. Congrats on finishing the challenge! I do like the name Zoe. I don’t blog about genealogy but if I’m talking about something like a restaurant or a place to visit; I add that link to its name on my blog in case people want to check out more info about it.


    1. I have started adding URLs and some text to the properties of images saved online. I include the copyright details too if easy to understand. I am hoping it will save time later if I go to use an image on my computer.

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