Richard John KITTO late of Albion Park (Trove Tuesday)

Searching around Trove I found information on Richard John KITTO late of Albion Park. He was a recently deceased storekeeper. His is my Great Grandfathers (Francis KITTO DOB 1853) brother. I already knew that Richard was born in Cornwall in 1859 and died at the age of 32 years on 16 December 1891.

Tender Called for Richard John KITTO’s  Stock

The supreme Court of New South Wales advertised for tenders “for the purchase of the Stock-in-Trade, Working Plant and Book Debts of the abovenamed deceased.” The noted value of the stock was 721 Pounds. Using an online calculator I found that in 2013, the relative value of £721  from 1892 ranges from $84,620 to $4.36 million.  I suspect that tenders will be less than the stated value.

The piece appeared on Page 2 of The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 21 January 1892.


Source: Trove

Trove again proves its worth by providing useful information. Such as, he was a storekeeper in a variety of products including drapery, boots & shoes and grocery. He also provided credit to his customers as there was 376 pounds of book debts. The text “late of Albion Park” could help locate Richard John KITTO’s home or shop in the future.

Any Trove finds for you this week?

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