Trove Tuesday: Headline SCOTTISH BAN RIDICULED

As instruction by the GenieMate Jill Ball I am doing a Trove Tuesday so I can share on social media with the #TroveTuesday. I have read a few over Trove Tuesdays over recent years but do not really know what is expected of me.

What I learnt is:

  • Even if you do not have a number of Australian ancestors it is still possible to find digitised newspapers with articles about them.
  • Trove has a great citation system that give you a range of citation styles and is easy to copy.
  • The copyright information was not easy to understand. Images were not allowed to be used for commercial use. A more simple to read and easy to find user friendly summary linked to the more legal jargon pages might be useful.
  • It is very easy to correct the OCR so that the text is correct.

Look what I found:

Trove Tuesday: Rugby Kitto

Citation: 1924 ‘SCOTTISH BAN RIDICULED.’, The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), 20 November, p. 9, viewed 15 September, 2015,

My paternal Grandfather, Dolph Kitto, commenting on something that was written in the London Evening Standard. He makes it clear that at a New Zealand Rugby Union meeting a ban on Scottish players was not discussed.

This Trove Tuesday post also is part of My family History for 24 November 1924.

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