AtoZChallenge Zigzag Crochet Hand Made Creation

At last! I’m at the letter Z in the A to Z Challenge. Now just a summary post and getting my badge.

With the help of a suggestion from a friend who follows me on Instagram, I found a Z post. It’s a zigzag crochet pattern.  sometimes post images of crochet I am working on and even a finish piece now and again. Plus this post follows on nicely from yesterdays Y  “AtoZChallenge Yellow Embroidered Hand Made Creation by an 8-Year-Old” theme. Oh look I could have done YARN and YELLOW yesterday.

Zigzag Crochet

I am not sure why but I like to make my crochet blankets look like they are made from scraps of leftover yarn even when I need to buy more because I am running out. If I make a blanket for someone else I still have to pick the pattern and colours although sometimes I will consider the colours they prefer.

The interesting thing about these Instagram posts is that the style of posting has changed. In the early day’s filters and borders were usual. They are not as common today.

Flowers on a cushion

Knitted Cushion with crochet flowers

Crocheted Granny Squares Custion

Cushion Squares

Melbourne Storm Scarf

Melbourne Storm Scarf

Bubble Stitch Crochet Pet Mat

Bubble Stitch Crochet Pet Mat

This goes with that - deciding the placement of the squares.

Sorting out the Mix

Edged together with brown variegated yarn

Edged together with variegated yarn

Demo for no-sew joining

Demo for no-sew joining

Demo for no-sew joining

Demo for no-sew joining

Green edged crocheted granny squares

All with green edges

More variety of colour this time

More variety of colour

granny square crochet

One square close up

Finishing off the last few granny squares

More Granny squares

Blues and Greens Patchwork crochet

Blues & greens patchwork crochet

Running granny squares diagonal

Running granny squares diagonal

Hexagon shaped crochet

Black, grey & white fluffy hexagons

Found: unfinished bits of crochet

More bits of hidden away unfinished

If you follow me on Instagram you will sometimes see my crocheting. This is where most of these images were posted first including the zigzag crochet below.  Variations of the zigzag stitch can also be called ripple stitch or chevron stitch.

Zigzag Crochet

Zigzag Crochet

AtoZChallenge Zigzag Crochet

4 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge Zigzag Crochet Hand Made Creation”

  1. I have some crochet or knitted squares that my mother made that I have been planning to put together since she died over 30 years ago! I will have to look at your demo and maybe get it done.

  2. I’ve been crocheting since 1970 yet I’ve never made anything in the chevron/zig zag pattern. I’ve slowed down so much that I barely complete one project each year. I pinned this to my crocheting board. Visiting from A to Z (a little late). I have a couple of crochet posts but not too many. Never have put any on Instagram.

  3. So many beautiful projects you have completed. I have always liked the zigzag pattern as it mystifies me that someone can actually crochet it.
    Congrats on reaching “Z”.

  4. I never learned to crochet, wish I had when I was younger. Did a little knitting but not for many years now. Did free-hand cross-stitch in my “hippie” days. LOL!

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