AtoZChallenge Yellow Embroidered Hand Made Creation by an 8 Year Old

#genealogyphotoaday Yellow Embroidered Hand Made Creation

AtoZChallenge Yellow Flower Hand Made Creation
Here’s the story behind this #genealogyphotoaday for the prompt “hand made” :

Super busy week. I was thinking of showing some of my Nana’s, mother’s or her sister’s handy crafts. Sewing, crochet, tatting, embroidery and even knitted clothes hangers which used to be my favourite gift from my Nana. When looking in the linen cupboard I saw some embroidery I did when I was about 8 years old. I started on the napkins, then tray cloths and finished with a small table cloth.

Look closely and you can see my first go embroidering with green satin stitch and yellow French knots. What a quick improvement. Looking at it now I’m sure I would have wanted to unpick it to redo with my fast improving skills. Probably Mum said to leave it. So glad I did now.

So I do wonder how many mothers teach their daughter’s handcrafts like embroidery anymore?

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Yellow Embroidered Hand Made Creation

9 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge Yellow Embroidered Hand Made Creation by an 8 Year Old”

  1. We used to learn at school but mum showed me some. Sadly, she would insist it had to be perfect so I lost interest. I can’t believe how good your work was at that age…fantastic!

  2. Back in the day, I did a bit of embroidery so can fully appreciate the work of others. Love the colors in your photo and, yes, glad your Mum said to leave it. Beautiful mementos.

  3. Tried to teach both my son and daughter to sew and cook. They got the cooking bit, but preferred me to do the sewing for them.

  4. I remember learning embroidery as a Girl Scout. We didn’t make anything. We just practiced stitches and knots. I confess I did not pass along this skill to my girls.

    1. Wendy, thanks for commenting and so sorry I only just managed to reply. A to Z was exhausting when I ended up with other work that needed to be done. Fran

    2. I think lots of badges at Girl Scouts were like samplers but with no finished item to use it probably put off lots of girls from ever progressing further.

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