1938 Empire Games #TroveTuesday

Adventured into Trove again for #TroveTuesday to discover a picture of my Grandfather Charles Adolph KITTO (DOB 1883) in a Sydney paper called The Referee, for February 3, 1938.

Again Trove shows its value as a research tool for family history even if you are researching other countries and not Australia. There are images of the 1938 Empire Games teams from New Zealand, Ceylon, The New Zealand Ladies’ Team, Southern Rhodesia, Scotland, South Africa, the English Team and the New Zealand rowers. All the persons are named.

1938 Empire Games New Zealand Men’s Team and Managers Names

Here are the NZ men’s team and managers names:
NEW ZEALAND.— Front row: J. D. Morgan, C. H. Matthews, T. Allen, G. H. Quinn, L. Nolan, J. Genet, A. Heeney, E. C. Isaacs, J. G. Leckie, V. T. Thomas. Second row: H. T. Tyrie, J. A. Parker, A. J. Collins, A. C. Kitto (assistant-manager), H. McCormick (manager), K. W. Moran, R. E. Ulmer, R. S. Triner, A. G. Patrick. Third Row: R. Withell, S. N. Crump, R. T. Taylor, J. C. Davies, W. A. Pullar, O. R. Viles, B. R. McKernan, A. R. Geddes, H. T. Anderson, H. J. Sayers, H. Sheridan, J. Brown, J. Cricke, A. P. Craig, S. H. Lay, F. J. Grose. Fourth Row: J. Dryden, P. F. Hughes, H. L. Grant, P. F. Sharpley, J. G. Podjersky, T. P. Anderson. Back Row: L. Newell, P. S. Hannan, H. R. Godfrey.

Empire’s Splendid Youth In Pageant Of Sport “The Referee’s” Exclusive Photos of Games Teams Image

1938 Empire Games New Zealand Men's Team and Managers


As found in Wikipedia – “The 1938 British Empire Games was the third British Empire Games, the Commonwealth Games being the modern-day equivalent. Held in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia from 5–12 February 1938, they were timed to coincide with Sydney’s sesqui-centenary (150 years since the foundation of British settlement in Australia).”


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Are you researching in any Commonwealth countries and have sporting ancestors? Trove might be for you.

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