#AtoZChallenge Q for Quote


Q for Quote.

Loving this quote I have been seeing on Social Media lately.

60 is the new black.

I was sorting out a pile of black and white photos that I had previously scanned. Many of the photos were taken by Francis (Frank) Graham Reade (1924-1988), my father-in-law. He shot the photos and developed them himself in the “shed”, so l am told.

So the photos, being black and white reminded me of the quote, “60 is the new black”. By the way, these are not the originals lying all over the floor but printed off copies I could move around without fear of damaging the originals. I selected the ones I liked and put them together in a photo book that was printed for my sisters in law and brothers in law Christmas gift.

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12 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Q for Quote”

  1. B&W images are so nostalgic! Several years ago, I scanned two large photo albums belonging to my in-laws. I got a good assortment of pictures from their school days and honeymoon (mid-to-late 40s), the early years with their three boys (50s &60s), and a variety of other family photos all in black and white. I have a few from my side of the family of my parents and grandparents in black and white. Sometimes I like converting my photographs to B&W for a vintage feel. There’s something magical about old black & white images.

    Today’s Art Sketching Through the Alphabet illustration is of the Evil QUEEN from a classic children’s fairy tale. ~Curious as a Cathy

  2. I love the old black and white photos, and the sepia ones too. I think it’s wonderful to have physical photos especially as the majority of photos nowadays are digital and on social media rather than in a physical photo frame.

    1. Having a photo or a small number in frames make them special rather than thousands of digital ones. These thousands do not seem to have the same value.

  3. Being over 60, I love that quote! 😀 Old black and white photographs are such treasures. After my mother died last year (not a terrible event – she was 92, bedridden and in pain), I found several albums of them going back to the 1920s.

    I see you got the sharing buttons. Excellent! Now more people can discover your interesting site.

  4. I love the old black and whites – sometimes sepia. When we moved/ downsized I had to toss boxes of old unidentified pictures (it broke my heart).

    Thanks so much for your visit – enjoy your day.

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