AtoZChallenge Uniform – Good photos to collect

AtoZChallenge Uniform

As we get towards the end of the A to Z Blogging Challenge I find the letters more difficult.

Fortunately, I posted this image on Instagram so have something to share today. What a relief! I had the same feeling for the #GenealogyPhotoaday on Instagram so it was a short post with tongue in cheek.

Day 17 Sailor/Uniform.
When the day comes that you need a picture of a sailor in uniform it confirms what you always knew – that collecting pictures of a cousin’s of distant relatives, with no direct blood connection to me, is a super good idea.AtoZChallenge Uniform

I did write their names down at the time but misplaced the notes in my travels. I did remember that they are from the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides. It is so much easier to write on the back of a real photo than take the effort to add metadata to digital images.

Should I collect them anyway? Are these images only useful for blog challenges?

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AtoZChallenge Uniform Social Media sharing image:

AtoZChallenge Uniform

4 thoughts on “AtoZChallenge Uniform – Good photos to collect”

  1. I was struggling to come up with a topic for the letter U. Thank you for inspiring me. My blog today is ancestors in uniform from the Civil War to WWI to the Vietnam War. Whew. V won’t be a problem since I have loads of Vining family stories to draw from. XYZ will be more of an issue though.

  2. LOL, any port on a storm as a sailor might say. I’ve been reading a series of crime novels from the OuterHebrides, only increasing my desire to go there. I like your sailors and your Canva images.

  3. Ha, good one Fran! I could make a useless comment, be unimpressed or understanding, unfortunately upmost in mind is my struggle with U too, Utensils was a stretch as there was no Upside down cake in my mother’s recipes.

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