Day Two RootsTech London

Day two had two keynote speakers, Kadeena Cox MBE, British Paralympic Gold Medalist and Steve Rockwood, FamilySearch International CEO. Both gave invigorating talks about their lives and families.

As a first time ambassador, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to take part in the Ambassador interviews. Here is a section of the interview on Day Two RootsTech London, with Kadeena Cox. Despite being struck down by a stroke and then diagnosed with multiple sclerosis Cox is an inspiring young woman. Cox has won many medals competing at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio and other international events in para-athletes and para-cycling.

Kadeena talked to us about being a role model for others and she advises young persons to get out and try things. She champions other females in sport. When you are stuck, reach out to others to get help, she told us. FamilySearch found her some of ancestors she was not aware of and she looks forward to following up more of her family tree when she gets a break from her sporting activities.

The other keynote speaker on Friday was Steve Rockwood. As the FamilySearch International CEO, Day Two RootsTech London with Steve Rockwood -FamilySearch International CEOI have heard him talk several times at Rootstech at Salt Lake City.  What always comes through in his talks is the excitement and eagerness he has for family history and what knowing our history can do in a positive way for us.  Laura Hedgecock, a fellow ambassador, asked about engaging children with family history. Steve answered talking about four ways to establish a connection that applies to all of us and not just children. Check out his comments on the TravelGenee Youtube channel.


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Day Two RootsTech London