For Future Generations Follow This Family History Photo Tip

Family History Photo Tip

#GenealogyPhotoaday Day 30 Family.
I love that someone bothered to write the names on the back of this photo. What is even better is that they wrote both maiden and married names for some women in my family. Others are connected by a line and the word sister or cousin. How considerate to provide so many family connections!

However it does help to know a few in the photo as the bottom row of names are left to right as per the image. The others look to have the name written over the actual person.

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Here is the front of the photo including my mother and her two sisters and many friends

The front view is so much better when you have names on the back with the family history photo tip
I find it nice that my Aunty Joan has two hands on my Mum’s shoulders and my Aunty Betty has a hand on my Aunt Joan. All three sisters were very close.

Family History Photo Tip

Don’t forget to name people in your photographs for future family members looking back on your life’s adventures.