Traveling Genealogist in Tallahassee: Family History Photos

Where to find family history photos and stories

You can never be sure where you will find more information to help you with your family history research.  It can be hours of research in libraries. Reading books or searching on the Internet to get that next breakthrough. Sometimes the places are obvious like questioning family or old photographs.

You should never assume which family members can help your family history research projects. I have visited New Zealand cousin who is now living in Tallahassee in the USA a few time. Our mothers were sisters and we spend a lot of time together as young children and teenagers.

We had not seen each other for about 25 years until we met up again a few years a go. It seems like hardly a day had passed by since we last talked. When I am there we spend most of the day chatting away. Our maternal grandmother who we all called Nana is a popular topic. We reminisce about the holidays we spent with her.

In the discussion I said I had started researching my family history.  This was mostly on the Internet. I had not learnt the importance of interviewing family members back then. My cousin said that she had some old photographs. I could not believe how lucky I was and what a variety she had too. Many photos of my Mother, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents and their brothers & sisters. I could not remember seeing many of the  images before.  All hiding in a pretty pink box.

So do not assume that a cousins is not a repositories of family history photos and stories.  To do so can mean you will miss out on new information to help you with your family history research.

We stayed up late at night going through the pink box.

Some of the things I found:

mabel-kate-dawsonFamily History Photos - Frances Ann EdmondsMabel Kate Dawson Birth Cert
Family History Photos - Jane GibsonFamily History Photos - Aunty-Betty


Edward Collis Dawson Birth Cert

If you are researching the Surname Dawson and suspect these people may be related to you please contact me before copying and using. I can clarify any relationships and my blog is copyright.
Thanks cousins.

Have any of your cousins surprised you with family history photos or stories?