#AtoZChallenge H for Hobby: Family History

The Name of the Father is Missing!

Collecting vital records like birth certificates is something one does to find out more information if you are addicted to the hobby: family history.

H for Hobby: Family History

H for Hobby: Family History.

I got a letter in pale brown envelope with a Royal Mail stamp. I knew it was from the General Register Office in the U.K. Or GRO, as us family historians like to call it. I had been waiting for the letter to come. What new information would I find out?  Would I solve a mystery? Excited, I open it only to discover no father named. So that is still a mystery. In family history research this blank space for the fathers name is considered to be valuable as this confirms that we do not know a the particular details.

It now make sense why Alexandra Ruby Violet is named DAWSON, her mothers maiden name, in the 1911 UK census.

What is my hobby? – Family history.

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8 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge H for Hobby: Family History”

    1. Getting serious with family history came to me much later in life. I am amazed when people say that they have been doing it for years as it can take over. ?

  1. Geneology is a fascinating subject. Some years ago I had tried to plot my family tree. It’s amazing what you find. Thanks for dropping by my post.

    1. You can always come back to family history if it takes your interest again. So I t’s good you started a tree as you will have something to start with, if you get interested again.

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