#AtoZChallenge N for Newspapers – Kitto Obituary

Francis Kitto Obituary

N for Newspaper – Kitto Obituary.

Paperspast, a website from the National Library of New Zealand, is a wonderful treasure of information for family history. For the Newspaper GenealogyPhotoADAy prompt I featured part of the obituary for my Great Grandfather, Francis Kitto b.1853.

This piece confirmed things I knew already my great grandfather. It also confirmed the position of status he had in the community when he died. It’s nice to read about ancestors that took an active part in the community.

If you wish to see the full article it is available at from the Hutt News at PapersPast.

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Have you found articles about your ancestors in newspapers?

6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge N for Newspapers – Kitto Obituary”

  1. Nice! I have a news clip in my N post today as well — about my dad serving on the local school board. Newspaper research adds so much to an ancestor’s story. This is a wonderful summary of your great grandfather’s life. Congrats on finding it!

  2. The newspaper digitisations over the last few years have added so much more depth to my family history. PapersPast are terrific and we’re very early in their digitisation. I like how we can correct the OCRd text on Trove and tag articles.

      1. Greetings Fran Kitto, I have been doing genealogy for a few years and my immigrant ancestor was (likely) William Kitto born in Cornwall, England about 1640. He was an indentured servant in the Arthur Allen household in Virginia by 1660. The house has some history as families in the area were involved in Bacon’s Rebellion and the house is now the oldest surviving brick family home in USA and known as Bacon’s Castle even though Nathaniel Bacon never lived there. William Kitto married Dorothy Baker, anther indentured servant owned by Arthur Allen. They earned freedom in 7 years and lived in Virginia. The name became Keeter when William’s sons moved to North Carolina and Scottish/Irish NC clerks not familiar with the spelling. Some cousins and I are thinking about visiting Cornwall but would we find Kitto family who may be interested in us? Thank you for any suggestions. Denise Keeter Goff

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