Video: Great Mosque at Cordoba in Spain

The Great Mosque at Cordoba in Spain is another place I have visited that features in the book  “1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die”.  I always check the book for buildings I might be interested in before leaving for a trip.

The outside the Great Mosque is mostly plain except for some ornate entrances. Inside is the famous red and cream arches over the many stone pillars. With a long history starting as a Roman temple, Catholic Christian Church, then shared by Muslims and Christians after an Islamic conquest and with much expansion over the centuries it is a building that need to be seen to truly understand the grandeur of it presence.  There is even a cathedral built inside the mosque.

Outside Great Mosque at Córdoba, Spain, Great Mosque at Cordoba, Spain, Inside the Great Mosque at Cordoba, Spain,

Video: Great Mosque at Cordoba in Spain

I had not shared the video before as it is a bit shaky as I moved the camera around to scan the inside of the building. Beware I this video has music so you might want to mute your speakers.

Check out Wikipedia for more on the Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba.

We traveled from Seville by rental car to see the Great Mosque at Cordoba. Driving is on the right-hand side. Parking was not easy to find initially and perhaps we should have researched possible parking locations before hand.